Davinci IQ Vs Mighty Vaporizer – Pros & Cons  

Both the Davinci IQ and the Mighty Vaporizer have aspects that you are guaranteed to love, but if you’re in the market for just one device you may find it difficult choosing between the pair.

Here we compare the pros and cons of these two vaporizers to help you to decide which one suits your needs. For all the other best CBD vape pens uk click here!


How you like your vaporizer to look is completely down to you and we understand that people have different tastes.  However, if you are looking for a sleek and stylish device we suggest that you opt for the IQ rather than the Mighty as this model boasts a brushed metal outer and stunning curved design, whereas the Mighty has a plastic outer and could not be described as being streamlined.


Both the Davinci IQ and the Mighty are  categorised  as being portable vaporizers, but there is quite a bit of difference in size when you compare them.  The IQ measures just 9 x 4.2 x 2.4cm and weighs approximately 140g whereas the Mighty measures 14 x 8 x 3cm and weighs in at 230g which definitely makes it the bulkier of the two.

DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer Review


The Davinci IQ is best known its high-tech  build and great app which allows users to choose temperatures, select smart paths which slowly increase the temperature between the desired range, access precision mode where a specific temperature can be chosen, or hit boost mode and heat the vape by holding down a button.

The IQ app also enables you to turn the vaporizer on and off and was the first model to boast this feature. Although these innovative options are fun and useful when you get the hang of them, it can make the vape a little difficult to get to grips with at first.

In comparison, the Mighty Vaporizer is very easy to use, as with most Storz & Bickel designs and can be used with its simple two-button system. With precise temperature control, the Mighty has an LED screen which displays information such as the current temperature, desired temperature, and the battery life, which is all very handy to know when in use.

In addition to this, the Mighty will vibrate once your chosen temperature is reached which is another very helpful feature.

Vapor Quality

One of the most important aspects to consider before choosing between the IQ and the Mighty is the  vapor  quality that each of these two devices produces.

The  vapor  produced by the IQ is of amazing quality due to its zirconium ceramic airpath and mouthpiece which help to keep the  vapor  pure. This can be an issue when using a vape made from cheaper materials as they can contaminate the  vapor  as it passes through.

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A zirconia pearl within the IQ oven helps to keep the temperature consistent and enhances heat distribution which also helps to give the  vapor  a great  flavour.

On the other end of the scale the  vapor  produced by the Mighty is so powerful that it has been compared to a desktop vaporizer due to being able to create big, dense clouds which are not usually linked to portable vapes.

Not only does the  vapor  look impressive but it is aromatic and pure too which provides a very satisfying experience.

Battery Life

If you are hoping to take your vaporizer out and about with you it is important to know how long the battery will last and whether you will need to take a charger with you.  The Davinci IQ will last for around 90 minutes when fully charged but it does come with a removable battery so you have the option of carrying a fully charged spare with you.

The battery life of the Mighty is longer at 2 hours, which will allow for an additional session or two, but the battery cannot be replaced so once it has run out you will need to charge it which means you won’t be able to use it during this time.

Mighty Vaporizer


Both vaporizers are produced by two giants within the vaporizing industry. However, if I were to choose between the Mighty Vaporizer and the Davinci IQ Vaporizer, my vote would go for the Mighty. Storz & Bickel have produced a portable vaporizer of outstanding quality that will be incredibly hard to beat anytime soon. Read our post about how the Davinci IQ fairs against the Pax 2 if you’re interested in more vaporizer comparisons.  

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