DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer Review

davinci iq2 vape3DaVinci Vaporizers started selling vaporizers in 2011. Since then, theyve forged an impeccable reputation for effective, stylish, and reliable devices. They have continuously emphasized their commitment to innovation, always seeking to craft the holy grail of vaporizers that can meet all of their users needs. The effort the company has invested has paid off handsomely; DaVinci constant attempts to improve every aspect of users vaping experience have made them one of the most popular brands in the vaporizer market.

DaVinci latest offering is the IQ2. Their original Davinci IQ Vaporizer was a huge hit, making the job of overhauling it a challenging one. Updating popular devices with more advanced versions has become something of a fad in the vaporizer industry. To live up to their reputation, DaVinci needed to do more than change the look of the IQ. And they have done much more!

After examining the new model carefully, were convinced that DaVinci has succeeded in delivering a sequel that surpasses the original. Howd they do it? Let break it down:

The DaVinci IQ2: What Different?



To make the IQ2 a legitimate improvement on the classic IQ, DaVinci has added some major new features while also performing minor tweaks. The result is a device that faster and delivers tastier vapor. These are the three biggest advances found on the IQ2:

1) Adjustable Airflow

This is the most significant of the additions made in the IQ2. It not an upgrade of an existing feature; the original IQ didnt have any airflow control at all which we mentioned in our  Davinci IQ review. For the IQ2, DaVinci has brought on board its AirDial feature. This gives you full control over both airflow and draw resistance.

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When compared to the IQ, the IQ2 offers a huge range of airflow options. It can be set for 40 per cent less air than the original or up to 67 per cent more — and anywhere in between. Reducing the airflow will lead to denser vapour while increasing it will deliver a cooler, smoother draw.

An additional feature for better airflow management on the IQ2 is that it has 35% more air holes than its predecessor. This leads to cooler draws all around, even at very low airflow settings.


2) Dosage Management

Another all-new feature for the IQ2 is some genuine intelligence incorporated into the device electronics. It has what DaVinci calls a Know Your Dose ability. If you enter the potency and weight of the material you put in the vaporizer oven, the device will do the math for you and provide accurate reports on your dosage. DaVinci IQ2 app extends the vaporizer functionality even further, allowing you to set a maximum dose per session. (Note that the IQ2 app is so far only available for Android devices, not Apple.)

The Know Your Dose system has some appreciable time-saving features. The vaporizer remembers your last inputs regarding your vaporizing material, so you dont need to re-enter them unless you change material. The IQ2 LED readouts provide enough feedback to help you input your data and notify you of your dosage. DaVinci commitment to dosage management is one of the biggest signs that they want to stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

3) Dual Compatibility

Without taking anything away from the two new features already discussed, dual compatibility is probably the one that DaVinci users are most excited about. The IQ2 comes with a Dosage Pod that makes the device compatible with concentrates as well as dry herb. Pod systems are, in general, an excellent choice for building a dual-use vaporizer. It keeps things cleaner than some of the other design options.

The IQ2 pod synergizes nicely with its dosage tracking feature when youre using concentrates. And thanks to the zirconia ceramic air path, the flavour of your material comes out in the vapour without any unwanted alterations. Even at high temperatures, youll pick up strong flavour notes while using the IQ2.

Added Tweaks

DaVinci went further in upgrading the IQ to ensure that the new device provides good value and has added functionality to offer even the most-satisfied user of the original. Beyond the big three additions, the IQ2 incorporates some small but powerful adjustments:

* The Pearl has been extended by 30 per cent on the IQ2. This gives you added space to adjust your material and even modify your oven size.

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* Better insulation between the oven and the battery. The oven of the IQ2 is 20 per cent thicker than the original, providing more even heating and more consistent vapour.

* Reshaped airpath. Still using the glass and zirconia ceramic combination from the IQ, the new vaporizer features a more streamlined shape. The upside for you, the user? It easier to clean than the original.


An Upgraded IQ: Is It Worth It?

In our opinion, DaVinci did more than enough to make the IQ2 a worthy successor to the original device. The AirDial provides an impeccable level of control, and the dosage tracking system is an industry first. It also timely, as the purge of vaporizer apps from iPhones leaves lots of users eager for an on-device dosage monitoring system.

Whether youre looking for a brand new dual-use vaporizer or youre a happy IQ user, picking up the IQ2 is definitely worth considering. What do you think about DaVinci new sequel?

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