Does CBD Even Taste of Anything?

CBD and Your Health

Now more than ever, we are invested into our health and we want to know what to going on both inside and outside of our bodies. The craze has seen many turn to CBD hoping to avail of its plentiful benefits.

If you are considering trying CBD for the first time, one of the questions you might ask is what does it taste like?

Two of the most common ways to administer CBD include orally- a tincture drop in the mouth- or sublingually, which involves putting the liquid under your tongue. Whichever you choose you will be experiencing the all natural tasting CBD.

How Does It Taste?

The taste of CBD can be said to be somewhat acquired. This can vary slightly with brands but most have been described as nutty, earthy, or grassy. What people are actually tasting is in fact the hemp plants chlorophyll as well as a mix of natural terpenes -organic compounds responsible for the plants smell and  flavour. The taste isnt for everyone but some people prefer it and have reported it growing on them after time.

There are CBD supplements out there that can help you avoid hemp natural flavour and if customers prefer, they can choose from a range of low potency CBD tinctures which can come in a variety of flavours which can mask the taste.

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How to Avoid the Taste

If youre not a fan of CBD earthy  flavour  there are many ways to avoid the taste whilst still reaping its benefits. You can try swallowing it with a spoonful of ice-cream or yogurt, and you can even add it to your morning smoothie. The sweetness of the fruits will easily mask the  flavour  of the chlorophyll. You can also use food if you are taking CBD sublingually, try putting a square of chocolate or a mint under your tongue.

It is important to remember to hold the liquid under your tongue for at least a minute to allow for proper absorption. Additionally, you can use water or a strong drink like coffee to wash away the taste.

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CBD Oil Alternatives

Filtered CBD Oil- CBD can be put through a process which can remove most of the plant’s chlorophyll and excess plant material. This will leave behind a more refined and less potent tasting oil that still has all the benefits.

CBD Capsules- CBD capsules are extremely convenient and leave no mess. They can be taken on the go and directly swallowed to avoid any unpleasant  flavours.

Flavoured  CBD Tinctures- If youre a fan of the easy to use oils but just not their taste then  flavoured  tinctures may be the way forward for you.  Flavours  on the market include, grape, mint, coconut and even vanilla.

CBD topicals- CBD topicals include soothing balms that can be rubbed directly on the skin rather than orally consumed. The CBD doesnt enter the bloodstream so they are beneficial for a focus on skin, joint, and muscles.

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