DynaVap M – Review

DynaVap M Review 2020

These days most UK vapers tend to use a rechargeable battery powered portable vape. However, before they were released and subsequently became popular, we relied on balancing heat, timing and airflow. Well, DynaVap has created the DynaVap M, which brings that ritual back to vaping, but in a unique way. There is no fuss and the package is not much bigger than a real cigarette.

In today’s age, people want Bluetooth and buzzers. However, if you don’t care for electronics, then the DynaVap M is for you. The bottom line is the DynaVap M will provide you with an amazing vaping experience.

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One of the more attention-grabbing updates to the 2019 VapCap M is its strikingly new finish that wrapper around the middle section of the body. This aesthetically pleasing design has a distinct pattern which looks like it moves when you spin the M. This is tantalisingly entrancing, especially after a fast session. Down around the tip, the more pronounced ridges alert you when your fingers get too close to things that are too hot.

The Vapor Is Excellent

Who doesn’t like great vapor? We know we do, and when it comes to the vapor that manual vapes produce, DynaVap M produces high-quality vapor. You’ll enjoy powerful hits. Perfect vapor is produced right away, and the learning curve is minimal. If you want quality vapor each and every time you vape, then look no further than the DynaVap M.

Just A Simple Click

There are way too many vapes out there that require you to manage the timing and heating if you want to get the perfect hit. This isn’t the case with the M. Inside there is a bi-metal thermostat, which makes a clicking noise. When you hear it click, then it’s time to vape. It also clicks when the temperature drops below the ideal temp. If you are new to vaping in the UK, then you will appreciate this feature. Simply vape when you hear the click.

How Do I Use The DynaVap M

All you have yo do is take the cap off and then put your herbs inside of it and then put the cap back on. Get out the lighter and twirl the cap in the flame. Keep doing this until you hear the clicking noise, as this means the ideal vaping temperature has been reached. Take a hit before the clicking noise happens again and then repeat until you’ve taken the desired number of hits.

Pay Attention To The Click

When the DynaVap M is ready to use, you’ll know it because it will click, as previously mentioned. However, if you don’t pay attention, then the device could end up combusting. If you hear the click and then you keep on heating the device, then expect your herbs to char and they won’t taste nice. Besides that, if you start re-heating the device before you hear the click, then it will not click again to let you know that it has reached the ideal temperature.

Once again, you’ll probably char your herbs. The good news is that the device is stainless steel, so it’s easy to clean. Avoiding this altogether is easy because all you have to do is pay attention to the click.

You Are In Control Of The Vapor

With this device, you’re in control of the vapor. With every single draw, you are in the control. On that note, it is incredibly easy to get a nice hit, even when you try it the first time.

We suggest starting off further out, more towards the tip. When you become more comfortable, then you can move closer. Don’t worry though UK vapers, because it won’t take long to learn how to use the DynaVap M. Also read our guide if you want to learn the differences between the Dynavap M and the Omnivap.

This isn’t much different than driving automatic transmissions versus manual cars. You do have total control, and yet you absolutely need to learn optimum techniques in order to enjoy the best possible performance. After five or six sessions, we’re pretty sure you’ll catch on to the technique rather well. The Dynavap is certainly something you can combust with, so make sure you don’t push too hard once things click.


The heat-up time can be quick, based on what kind of lighter you decide to use. A single-flame torch isn’t going to heat up your Dynavap as quickly as a multi-jet lighter. Where you specifically heat your Dynavap will also change. You can just heat the tip, but you’ll also get a vastly different experience if you heat it on its side before rotating it slowly.

A Tiny Bit Goes A Long Way

The amount of ground materials the M oven holes is 0.1 grams. This isn’t a lot, but even a tiny hit will pack a lot of power. If you’re into micro-dosing or you just want to enjoy a little bit at a time, then you’ll love the device.

The capacity might not be that good, but it is very easy to load. Simply tamp down into the grinder. Another way to load it is by using a dugout, while using a different chamber for your herbs.

Almost Instant Heat Up Time

Within five seconds, the DynaVap M can heat up, and even if you use a small torch, it will reach its ideal temperature within 15 seconds. Electronic vapes can take up to a minute or longer to reach their ideal temperature. This is why the DynaVap M is one of the best devices of its kind available in the UK.

No Charging Time, No Charger & No Batteries

Typically, we’d be discussing the battery life and charge time by now, but the DynaVap M actually doesn’t use batteries. If your torch has butane, then you will be able to keep on vaping. If you go on a long camping trip, you can bet your device will still be working while your friend’s electronic vape needs to be refilled. Also, the only re-charging you have to do is filling up your lighter’s butane.

A different kind of groove

The 2019 tip on the VapCap M has a different kind of groove pattern. It’s more than just a cosmetic change, too. They channel air coming into the oven from outside before it meets up with the end grooves letting air flows going into the oven. They also decided to now spell out the letter M on the tip of the vape, and that’s a cool touch to add.

Extremely Simple

There are other benefits too, such as the size of it. It is pocket size, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up a bunch of space in your bag. Furthermore, it is made with stainless steel, so it won’t break and you should be able to enjoy it for a longtime to come.


Let’s be honest, heating this thing in public is by no means discreet. In fact, you’ll be sure to get a few strange looks. One advantage is that you can actually knock out quite a strong session in order a minute, which is great if you need to have some fast fun or medicate quickly.

The compact size of it also makes this thing simple to conceal quickly. The airtight storage tube also proves very useful in hiding smells from the attention of anyone. It’s not the most discreet option on the market, but it’s also not bad, unless of course you constantly use it in public.

DynaVap VapCap M

Normal Grind

With DynaVap M, you don’t need a special grinder. Simply use a medium grind. This will probably be one of the things you love the most about the device.

Easy To Clean

The vape disassembles into five silicone O-rings and five metal pieces, which means you can easily clean the Dynavap. The device doesn’t have any hidden or difficult spots, so gunk will not build up. All you have to do is use soap and water to clean the O-rings and use ISO to soak the metal pieces.

It Is Cheap

It goes for only around £50- £60, which is the starting price point and it is cheap when compared to other vapes on the market.

If you want to buy the DynaVap Shadow M, then expect to spend a bit more. That goes for £65-75 for a brand new unit. The quality of the vapor is still good and the internals are the same.

What’s Included

When you receive the DynaVap M, you’ll notice it arrives in a small tube. This plastic carrying tube is the only thing that it comes with. Also, you might be tempted to use a standard Bic lighter when you receive your DynaVap M, but you shouldn’t. That kind of lighter isn’t the ideal choice to go with.

If you use a standard sized lighter, then it will take you longer to heat it up. A butane torch is the ideal choice. For just under £10, you can order the vape with a butane torch, which will allow you to use the DynaVap M as soon as you get it. If you don’t want one included, then make sure you buy one at some point.

No Warranty

There is no warranty for the DynaVap M, so if parts break, then there could be an issue. However, DynaVap vapes do have a good reputation, therefore the chances are you don’t have to worry about anything. Nonetheless, check your UK vaporizer vendors policy as they may have some form of a guarantee, so this should give you peace of mind.

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Who Should Get The DynaVap M?

The DynaVap M is ideal for beginners or for those who never used a manual vape. UK Smokers will love the shape because it resembles a real cigarette. Camping fans will love it because no power source is required, and all they need is a torch.

The oven fits 0.1 gram, and this allows you to do micro-dosing. Those who want a device that is well-made will also like the DynaVap M. These are only a few examples of who should get the DynaVap M.

Who Shouldn’t Get It?

Those who want specific temperatures shouldn’t get it, and those who don’t like fire to vape should look for electronic vapes. The DynaVap M doesn’t have a spacious oven like other portable vapes, but 0.1 grams can pack a punch, which might surprise you. If you are into your tech, then you probably won’t like the DynaVap M because it doesn’t have Bluetooth and no apps or anything of that nature. Do bear in mind that the vape is cheap and goes for around £50- £60, so you do get a lot for your money.

Final Thoughts

This is a cheap UK vape that has a starting price point of roughly £50, it’s a simple vape that is excellent for both beginners and veterans of vaping. In fact, it’s one of the most beginner-friendly vapes on the market. It’s loved amongst Reddit forums specifically ‘vaporents’ and for good reason. With that being said, the DynaVap M is well worth trying out. With its fantastic price point and great vapor, I think the DynaVap M is a perfect choice for all and a purchase you won’t regret.

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