EpicVape E-Nano Log Vaporizer Review

Over the past six years (I started vaping in 2009!) Ive had the opportunity to try a wide range of portable and desktop vaporizers as well as vape pens. However, in all this time Ive yet to try a log style vaporizer. Known for being highly efficient and reliable, log vapes have a proven track record, and the first log vape was invented over forty years ago (the Eterra, which is now a collector item!).

E-Nano-Desktop-Vaporizer-1Created by EpicVape of California, the E-Nano is the result of over one hundred prototypes and six months of extensive testing, and the company promises that it offers one of the best desktop vaping solutions currently on the market today. About a week ago I was fortunate enough to receive an E-Nano to review, and after spending some time with it Ive decided to share my thoughts here with my CBD Village readers!

My E-Nano arrived in simple cardboard packing, and the box contained the E-Nano, a power cord, a glass stem (with attached bowl), and an instructions manual. The unit itself was smaller than I was anticipating, and the E-Nano sits comfortably on my desk without taking up too much space.

After performing a visual inspection of the E-Nano, I noticed that it has an excellent build quality. The outside is made out of wood (EpicVape offers all different options) with a sanded finish, the inner core is made with medical grade stainless steel, and the heating element is manufactured from pure ceramic. Not only does this design make the vapor path very pure, but it also makes the unit very easy to clean as well.

E-Nano-Vaporizer-1The E-Nano uses a combination of convection and conduction to vaporize your herbs, and I find that this design helps boost the efficiency of the unit. There no fan inside the E-Nano, so there no option to use bags (only whips, which is okay for me since I prefer them to bags!).

The temperature control for the E-Nano is located on a switch inside the power cord rather than on the unit, and I find that the lack of buttons on the unit itself makes for an aesthetically pleasing yet functional experience. Moreover, with a limited amount of electronics inside the unit, there much less that can go wrong. Although the switch goes to 11, you can only turn it up to ten, thus giving you ten temperature settings to work with.

The manual recommends setting the unit to 10 for about two minutes to heat it up, and once it’s warm, switch to 6-6.5 as a good starting point for vapor production. Once I loaded my bowl with some loose ground cannabis, I attached the mouthpiece and began to take long, slow drags.

E-Nano-Heat-Chamber-1With the glass stem and ceramic heating element, the vapor tasted very pure with no off-gassing. You can control the size of your hits by varying the speed of your inhale, and I recommend experimenting with this to see what works best based on your strain and particular needs.

One of my favorite things about the E-Nano is just how damn efficient it is. The manual recommends putting a maximum of 0.5 grams of cannabis inside a bowl, and at first I thought that was a little small for a desktop vaporizer until I tried it. You get plenty of hits from a bowl, and I suggest stirring it once or twice during your session to ensure maximum vapor production. In my experience, the E-Nano works superbly with loose leaf as well as hash sandwiched between loose leaf. However, you arent able to take dabs with it, and to my knowledge, there are no nail kits available (unlike the Cloud Evo VapeXNail) which may be limiting to some.

There also a GonG bowl and connector available so that you can attach your E-Nano to a bong to create the smoothest possible experience. Ive also noticed that with a medium-sized bong you can take some pretty impressive rips. To use the connector, simply load it with herb, attach it to your bong, then hold the E-Nano upside down onto the bowl and take your hits!

E-Nano-Power-Cord-1Another thing that I love about the E-Nano is that there no auto-shutoff feature, the unit stays on for as long as you want. As someone who likes to load a bowl and then proceed to take hits slowly over the course of several hours, I didnt find myself having to constantly turn the unit back on and let it warm up. Furthermore, with the high-quality wood and stainless steel construction, the E-Nano should have no problem being kept on for extended periods of time without overheating (just make sure to turn it off when you go out!).

The only real downside that I noticed with the unit is the fact that the mouthpiece doesnt rest comfortably on the heating element by itself (you need to hold it on while you inhale). Although this is a mild inconvenience, I do find that it makes me remove the mouthpiece when Im not taking draws (which in turn improves efficiency since Im not cooking the bowl in between puffs)!

As a whole, the E-Nano is definitely one of my favorite desktop vaporizers, and for the past week, it has been my go-to desktop vape. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing and made from vapor safe materials, its incredibly efficient and produces excellent quality vapor. If youre someone who is looking for an awesome desktop vape (and isnt looking for something that can do dabs), I highly recommend purchasing the E-Nano as you certainly wont regret it!

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