Europe CBD Expo London – A Positive Move For The CBD Industry

We Visited The Europe CBD Expo In London

The inaugural Europe CBD Expo successfully debuted at the London Excel on Friday and over two days, leading speakers, exhibitors and audiences covered a lot of ground.

Ignite CBD chairman Jim McCormick opened the event as a keynote speaker on day 1 and he delivered what amounted to a masterclass on the complex issue of advertising CBD oil and CBD products to the wider public.

Europe CBD Expo – A Step In The Right Direction For The CBD Industry

Day one of the Europe CBD Expo in London was heavy on CBD oil regulation content – the sector is still in a certain state of flux and speakers such as Karina Lahnakoski, the Vice President of Quality & Regulatory Cannabis Compliance and Eveline Van Keymeulen of international law firm Allen & Overy were hugely informative on the problems and solutions involved in regulating the CBD space and what a lack of regulation meant.

CBD Industry Concerned About The Future

There is a real concern within the CBD oil industry that regulation needs to be clarified and oriented in a more positive direction if the industry is to maintain the momentum generated by recent relaxation of CBD law in various jurisdictions.

Europe CBD Expo London

Managing director of CBD Capital Hassan Akhtar likened the CBD industry to the “Wild West”, while CBD Intel MD Tim Phillips warned that the confusion around CBD and novel foods could go unresolved for longer than anticipated.

Latest Research On CBD Oil

Day two of the CBD Europe Expo had plenty of positivity as it showcased the latest research asserting the progress CBD oil is making in treating IBS and cancer to name but two ailments.

CEO of SciCann Therapeutics Inc. Zohar Koren presenting on novel synergistic cannabinoid combinations for the treatment of IBS and IBD patients.
Europe CBD Expo Zohar Koren Presentation

Dr. Dani Gordon also discussed the link between fibromyalgia, migraines, IBS and endocannabinoid dysfunction in her presentation “CBD & Cannabinoids for Everyone”, which was one of many talks given by leading female figures in the research field.

The Future Of The Europe CBD Expo Is Bright

The Europe CBD Expo was the first ever hybrid business and consumer event dedicated to CBD. Organisers, exhibitors, and influencers have spoken highly about the event and it’s believed that more events such as this which focus entirely on CBD can only help to improve the industry. We at CBD Village would like to thank all the CBD brands we were lucky to meet and speak with during our visit and we look forward to seeing what these brands do in the future.

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