Explorers VS Standard Bundle : The DaVinci Miqro Bundle

The new Davinci Miqro vaporizer is one of the more compactable models by DaVinci but continues to release an impressive amount of vapour regardless of its small size. It can be purchased in two separate bundles: the Standard Bundle or the Explorer Kit.

Irrespective of whether you choose the Explorer Kit or Standard Bundle, you will receive the Miqro vaporizer from DaVinci. The model is 10mm in length with a flat mouthpiece, cleaning kit, USB charging cable, and an operation manual. Both of the kits provide you with everything you require to have the vaporizer up and running in no time at all. Of course, the Explorer Kit is slightly more advanced with some extra items to prolong the fun without needing to stop for more herbs or another battery.


The Standard kit you can buy at £139 while the explorers kit you can purchase for £187.99.

davinci miqro standard vs explorers package

What Are The Differences?

An Extra Battery

The primary difference between the Standard Bundle and the Explorer’s Kit is the inclusion of additional batteries. The DaVinci Miqro vaporizer requires 18350 rechargeable batteries, which are available in the kits. However, the Standard Bundle includes only one battery, and the Explorer’s Kit provides the user with two batteries. This is beneficial because the Miqro vaporizer has a short battery lifespan so that an additional one can save time on a long day out. This is one of the few differences you will find with the MIQRO when comparing it to the Davinci IQ 2. If you want a complete review of the Davinci IQ 2, check ours out here!

The Carrying Case

If you opt to purchase the DaVinci Explorer’s Kit, then you will have some additional items to carry around. This is why the kit provides the user with a carrying case to store the items. Inside the kit, you will find space for the Miqro vaporizer, the adjustable oven pearl, the gasket, the post, the vaporizer’s silicone sleeve, the stirring tool, and all the extra accessories. In fact, the Explorer’s Kit offers an odour-proof pocket to carry more aromatic herbs.

Accessories And The Keychain

Along with other accessories, the Explorer Kit provides a keychain to hold the additional battery with extra herbs. This gives you the option of an extra session or two while on the go. Within the keychain, you can pack herbs, grind the herb at home, or utilise the included grinder card as part of the kit. As long as there is a flat surface to use, you can grind additional herbs to smoke in the vaporizer.

Final Words On The Matter

Coming in at £139.00, this model is a good investment. By adding another £48.99 to the amount, you can own a DaVinci Miqro Explorer Kit packing a plethora of useful accessories for a day of pleasant vaping. If you’re still not convinced check out our Davinci MIQRO review here!

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