Fury 2 Vaporizer Review

Another HealthyRips Success?

There are a few brands that are known for manufacturing quality vaporizers such as the HealthyRips company. The latest product they have on the market is the Fury 2 vaporizer, which is more advanced than the OG Fury. Moreover, it is also smaller than most vaporizers used for dry herb.

Besides being small, this unique portable vaporizer has various amazing features such as temperature control, quick heat-up times and a vape display.

Even though the Fury 2 vaporizer works better than what most brands have to offer, it is not convenient to use as a group. That is because of the vaporizer bowl size. However, it is perfect for someone who likes to enjoy his or her dry herbs solo. Moreover, you also get a protective smell cover as part of the package.

I would recommend this particular vaporizer to every herb user as it’s one of the best cannabis vaporizers UK and my advice is that you get it from the source itself, which is the HealthyRips company. You also do not have to spend extra money to buy the bubbler since you get it for free and there are other glass options that you can choose.

Where else can you buy the Fury 2 vaporizer?

Due to it’s popularity, the Fury 2 vaporizer is available at most online dry herb vape retailers. My personal preference (depending on your location) would be between Puffitup and VapoShop. One of the reasons why I would recommend these two places is that they offer great customer service and regularly run sales, so it’s certainly worth your time checking these sites out before purchasing any vape related product.

Below is the full CBD Village UK review on the Fury 2 vaporizer. Do not forget to leave a question or a comment at the end.

Portability And Size

There are various brands out there that have perfected the art of manufacturing small vaporizers. A good example is the ArGo vaporizer, which is not only small but also has a lightweight. This make is perfect of carrying around since it can fit in your pocket perfectly. However, the Fury 2 vaporizer is much smaller and only weighs approximately 135 grams.

Quality Standards

The Fury 2 vaporizer has a “Kirksite Unibody” and this incredible outer shell is also zinc-based alloy. The vaporizer is easy to assemble and durable. However, the only issue with the Fury 2 vaporizer is the mouthpiece, which is a bit challenging to remove.

Other features such as the control are okay since they respond on time, the on-vape display is good, and you can see the status of the timer and battery level on the display screen. However, it could be a lot easier to see the display if it was a bit brighter. Sometimes it becomes difficult to monitor the display especially during the day when it is sunny.

What Is Included In The Package?

What to expect inside the box When you buy a Fury 2 vaporizer from HealthyRips:

  • Fury 2 Vaporizer
  • Wall Charger
  • Protective smell cover
  • Mouthpiece, O-rings and extra screen
  • USB charging cord
  • Wax tool
  • Wax and oil pad
  • User Manual

Bundle Options And Other Extra Accessories

The Fury 2 vaporizer is available in 2 different kits. Customers can between the “bubbler packer or free grinder” options. This particular package comes with WPA or a glass mouthpiece. Furthermore, you are still given the privilege of choosing either a bubbler or grinder.

Temperature, Vapor Path, And Heating Options


What I did not agree with HealthyRips claim the offer of full convection, because I realized that the bowl promotes heavy conduction. When you set the vaporizer at higher temps, you will notice massive clouds coming out of the device. However, the vaporizer is more enjoyable to use when the unit is around 370F since warm vapor can only be produced by higher temps.

Benefits of the Fury 2:

  • Takes only 25 seconds for the Fury 2 Vaporizer to heat up
  • The vapor path is fully isolated and made of stainless steel

Temperature Options

You can set the temp range between 320F and 430F. Setting your vaporizers at higher temps can be unpleasant, which is a common issue that people face when using conduction vaporizers short vapor paths and lower temps result to clouds and a pleasant flavor depending on the quality and size of the device.

Draw Resistance And Chamber Info Of The Fury 2 Vaporizer

The Fury 2 vaporizer does not have a large bowl and can only accommodate not more than .1grams of dried herbs inside the chamber. This may not be enough to satisfy a large crowd, but it is surely enough for one person. If you want a vaporizer that is reliable for a group session, then you might want to try the CF, which can hold more than .5grams for dry herb inside the chamber.

You can also use the Fury 2 vaporizer during the group session, but you will be required to refill the bowl after a short period of each session.

Fury 2 Draw Resistance

With the Fury 2 vaporizer, the draw resistance is slightly above average. Because of this reason, you are required to pull harder if you want to get the clouds out. However, the Boundless CF and Xmax Starry are both designed with less draw resistance.

Fury 2 Battery Info

The Fury 2 Vaporizer Battery Specs

The only source of power that this amazing vaporizer has is the 1600mah LiPo internal battery. When it is fully charged you can use it for about thirty-five to forty-five minutes.

Battery Specs

The Fury 2 has a long-lasting battery that is 1600mah. You can get longer battery life from other units but you can expect them to be bigger when it comes to size. For a hundred minutes or less, you can check out the Pax 3 and if you want something that can last for 180 minutes, then the Arizer Solo 2 would be perfect for you.

How Long Does It Take To Charge?

The Fury 2 vaporizers only take approximately ninety minutes to fully charge. Furthermore, it is advisable that you wait until the device is fully charged before you can use it.

Warranty, Cleaning And Maintenance Details

The Fury 2 vaporizer has a one year warranty and also a half-price lifetime replacement. During the one-year warranty, you are entitled to a single free replacement unit.


The Fury 2 vaporizer is not just small, but also easy to carry. Being on the smallest vaporizers available in the market, I have taken the initiative of testing it and I can clearly say that it is quite effective despite the fact that it is small.

This was a review by CBD Village UK of the Fury 2 vaporizer from HealthyRips. Thanks for reading, if you have any questions you can list them below and I will be happy to respond within a short period.

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