Has CBD Gone Mainstream?

Is CBD the New Health Trend of 2019?

And the award for best products in a goodie bag goes to the year 2019 – with a special shout out to Oscar for setting the standard. Who knew 2019 would be the year that Hollywood would happily endorse CBD? CBD Village did. We always knew it had star quality!

A range of cannabis products and services from five companies got an amazing reaction from Oscar-nominated actors last night. CBD has arrived!

CBD at the Oscars 2019

The Benefits of Legalization in California

“The biggest new theme is this year’s gift assortment is tied to the legalization of cannabis in California” said Lash Fary, Founder and President of Distinctive Assets, the marketing company who distribute the bags to A-listers.

I wonder is Bradley Cooper immersing himself right now in a luxurious cannabis sativa bath soak after his emotive performance with Lady Gaga? – (one of the products in the swag bag from Canadian Co, Nannette de Gaspe, an independent luxury brand).

Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga

CBD Beauty Products

Bet Rami Malek is chowing down on some CBD chocolates from Coda after his win for Bohemian Rhapsody and deservedly so!  High Beauty donated some CBD-infused moisturizer and facial serums – so unless youve tuned out of the beauty world odds are youve heard CBD has found its way nicely into every A-listers beauty regimen.

Cannabinoids and antioxidants combat inflammation and the best nourishment for locking in moisture for the morning after. You shouldn’t have had that last flute Emma Stone!

What CBD Products Did Hollywood A-Listers Receive?

Have no fear starlets, this years goodie bags included some ingestible CBD-oil-based supplements purported to support the immune system. Gummy bear Olivia Colman? If that not enough already, this years attendees also received vouchers for a CBD spa retreat and exclusive membership to MOTA, an LA social club for cannabis users. A Safari to Tanzania seems so indulgent now! Well-being is where it at.

CBD at the Oscars 2019

Tinseltown & CBD – The Perfect Collaboration

Given Tinseltown interest in health & beauty, it makes sense to see products like these in the Oscars goodie bags.  A huge part of the wellness industry interest in cannabis derivatives is CBD. It such a good fit. What took it so long? “We had a huge influx of inquiries from leading brands in the cannabis space”, said Fary founder of Distinctive Assets.  Hollywood is sitting up and listening. It not counter-culture anymore. Hollywood sets the standard for many brands and trends and the Oscars are a big part of that shift in mainstreaming CBD. CBD and Hollywood are certainly having a high profile moment.

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