Herb-e Micro Vaporizer Review

Several elements make Herb-e Micro Vaporizer a cut above the rest in its niche. For starters, it is affordably priced whilst not compromising on the functionality or reliability. Moreover, it comes in a stylish package. While MigVapor settled on using the USB-stick design, and it only comes in black, the device is sleek and functional. This will be the only Herb-E Vaporizer review that you will ever need to read!

A dry herb vaporizer is a more discrete method of taking hemp compared to using a bong, bowl, or joint. The vaporizer looks like any other vaping pen. There is also an efficiency benefit when using a vaporizer you can use the bud in the vaporizer for longer, or you can remove it and use it for cooking.




For the Herb-e Micro Vaporizer body, MigVapor has wrapped a metal casing in carbon fibre. The chamber is made using aerospace-grade aluminium. Every component has been used with functionality in mind. For instance, carbon fibre insulates the heat inside the chamber. This makes the chamber a tad more effective and efficient. The vaporizer is also much more comfortable to hold whilst using it.

The mouthpiece has a magnet that makes it easy for users to attach and remove as needed. The chamber capacity is about half a gram of dry herb. However, MigVapor recommends filling the chamber up to 75% capacity for optimal user experience. If you have tried and enjoyed the Migvapor Khan Vaporizer then you will definitely enjoy this vape.

The indicator light is stamped on the body of the vaporizer giving an impression akin to an emoji-like face. The stamped light gives the device plenty of style and wow-factor. On the battery front, the device comes with a 1,200 mAh battery that you can quickly charge using a micro-USB.


The ease of use an essential consideration for MigVapor. The Herb-e Vaporizer is made using the same philosophy and approach. Clicking the power button five times switches the device on. It comes with two simple temperature control modes.

The names of the modes are a node to the fun and cartoonish theme of the vaporizer. For instance, it has the “happy mode” that gives the lights a yellow glow. This mode has been designed and optimised to yield a relaxing experience.

The other mode is the “angry mode,” which turns the indicator light red. To turn on the angry mode, simply long-press the button for five seconds. You get high temperatures, which in turn provides users with a stronger and more flavourful hit whilst producing thicker clouds. The battery capacity is enough for 10 angry-mode sessions with a full charge.

The angry mode tends to guzzle more battery compared to the happy mode. However, the angry mode is an excellent option to have when you need a stronger hit. The happy mode is perfect for individuals who want and situations that necessitate discrete hits.



After you power the device, it takes anywhere between 15 and 30 seconds to heat the herb. During this time, the lights will blink. When using angry mode, it will take longer for the device to come to temperature as compared to using the happy mode. Once the lights stop blinking, you can vape the herb.

You do not need additional buttons or settings you simply draw. MigVapor recommends vaping for 2 minutes and then allowing the herb to cool to preserve the quality of the product. The automatic shut off system happens automatically.

After vaping, comes the cleaning. The Herb-e has been designed to be easy to clean. Importantly, you get everything you need to clean the vaporizer in the box. To clean the vaporizer, separate the 3 main components, wipe the mouthpiece and body with an alcohol swab. Using the cleaning brush and tweezers, you get in the box, remove old herbs from the chamber. Thereafter, refill the chamber and reassemble the vaporizer.

The Herb-e vaporizer can only use dry herb; you cannot use cannabis concentrates.

Ultra Portability

The Herb-e Micro Dry Herb Vaporizer is exceptionally portable. Made using modern high-grade materials, this vaporizer is compact and lightweight. As such, you can comfortably carry it around in your purse or pocket.

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Herb-e: What You Get In The Box?

A Herb-e Micro Dry Herb Vaporizer box comes with the vaporizer, a pair of tweezers for disassembling the mouthpiece and removing used herbs from the chamber, 3 pipe cleaners, alcohol wipe, the 90-day warranty, and the user manual. In a nutshell, you get everything you need to get started and keep your device well-maintained.

If you place your Herb-e Micro Dry Herb Vaporizer order directly from MigVapor, you can purchase your device with optional extras, including an aerospace aluminium grinder and a smell-proof container at a discount.

Herb-e Micro Dry Herb Vaporizer Alternatives

Pax 3

PAX 3 is also popular among users. Although it is similar in design, it has a more functional design. Unlike the Herb-e Micro Dry Herb Vaporizer, you get a 10-year warranty. That said, you have to fork a tad more for it, even though it is not as functional or powerful.

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 Vaporizer is another popular dry herb vaporizer. It is designed around the customizability and portability. As such, it looks different but it is equally portable and discrete. Users also get app support. It is more expensive than the Herb-e Micro Vaporizer.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer

We Like:

Stylish and modern design
Easy to use
You get everything you need in the box
Exceptional performance for the price

We Dont Like:

You cannot use cannabis concentrate
Chamber is considerably smaller
Comes in one colour – black
Only The short-lived 90-day warranty

In Conclusion

All things considered, the Herb-e Micro Dry Herb Vaporizer is an excellent product for its price. At ‎ £58.95, you get a stylish modern design not unlike the amazing and extremely popular Smok Priv N19. It can yield flavourful hits every time you take a hit. Importantly, you get everything you need to get started. It is one of the best value for money products available on the market.

You can purchase your Herb-e Micro Dry Herb Vaporizer directly from the manufacturer as well as in select stores that stock dry herb vaporizers.

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