Herbs That You Can Vaporize Besides Cannabis

When people purchase a vaporizer for marijuana, one thing that they don’t often realize is that your vaporizer can also be used to vaporize several other types of herbs, which can produce a wide range of effects. I decided to write this post to outline some of the other types of herbs that you can effectively vaporize based on some of my experiences.

I do however recommend that you use a vaporizer with a temperature gauge when vaporizing herbs other than marijuana since they often have a certain effective temperature range that must be met in order to obtain maximum benefits.

A Brand of Passion Flower Extract
A Brand of Passion Flower Extract

Passion Flower (Passiflora)

Passion Flower is a shrub which is often enjoyed for its mild sedating effects, which can help alleviate symptoms of insomnia. In addition, a recent randomized controlled trial suggests that Passion Flower can also be used to treat the effects of opiate withdrawal, and is most effective when used in conjunction with Clonidine. For best results, vaporize Passion Flower between 100-150C (212-302F).  Since there are over 500 different types of Passion Flower, make sure to purchase one that contains the sedating effects.

Damiana Leaf (Turnera Diffusa)

Dried Damiana Leaf
Dried Damiana Leaf

A plant native to the Southwestern United States, Damiana leaf has been used for centuries by Native Americans and Mexicans as an aphrodisiac to increase sexual potency. Some recent scientific studies have in fact confirmed that smoking the leaf does increase sexual activity in both male and female rats. It also produces a slight intoxicating effect, but it is fairly weak compared to cannabis.  For best results, vaporize your Damiana leaf at 150-170C (302-347F).

St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum)

St John’s Wort is an herb which has been proven to have natural antidepressant effects. It is believed that St John’s Wort works by blocking the reuptake of certain neurotransmitters which have an effect on mood, and it works quite well in relieving symptoms of mild depression. Vaporize your St John’s Wort at  100-150C (212-302F) to obtain optimal effects.  Warning: St John’s Wort has been known to render hormonal birth control ineffective, so if you’re on birth control be extremely careful when vaporizing with this herb!

Salvia Divinorum

Dried Salvia Divinorum
Dried Salvia Divinorum

A member of the mint family, Salvia Divinorum is a powerful psychedelic drug which produces short but very intense hallucinations unlike most traditional psychoactives. Be very careful when vaporizing Salvia, as vaporizing it can heighten the effects more than smoking it will. Expect to vaporize Salvia at a temperature between 230 and 250C. (446-482F).


Tobacco can be a little more tricky to vaporize than other herbs out there, but it can still be done. In my experience, vaporizing tobacco with a vaporizer like the Dynavap HydraVong or the Ghost MV1 can produce a very strong nicotine buzz, so be careful when you try it for the first time. Also, DO NOT use regular cigarette tobacco (from package cigarettes) in your vaporizer, as cigarettes contain many additives that can be unhealthy. I suggest using pipe tobacco, or if you must a loose organic cigarette blend. I recommend vaporizing your tobacco between 120-150C (257-302F), but feel free to experiment a little to see what works for you. I have also heard of people vaporizing shisha with some success, but I would recommend that you be careful while doing so since shisha tends to be quite sticky and may clog up your vape.


Aside from directly inhaling various herbs, you can also diffuse several aromatics into the air either to freshen up the air in your room or to help you breath easier while sick. The Arizer Extreme Q  comes with a special diffuser bowl to use specifically for this purpose. Simply place some potpourri into your diffuser bowl and place a few drops of one of the following liquid extracts into the bowl, set your temperature to 50-100C (122-212F) and turn the fan on to the highest setting.

  • Mint Extract: Great for freshening up the air
  • Eucalyptus Oil: Works wonders for colds
  • Chamonile

Besides these herbs, I believe several other types of plants can be vaporized if they produce effects when smoked. If you have any other herbs that you like to vaporize, feel free to share it with us in the comments section!

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