How CBD Can Help Your Beauty Regime

You may be surprised to learn that CBD has become a core ingredient in a lot of beauty products in recent times. The benefits of this compound have long been utilized if not fully understood   thousands of years ago the Chinese were using hemp to treat various ailments, including all manner of skin conditions. Through the ages it been used by many cultures for a variety of reasons beneficial to health.

The current trend for using CBD in beauty products has largely been driven in the US where beauty companies have been able to take advantage of relaxed legislation to really explore the possibilities of CBD. Most people understand the benefits of taking CBD internally and this has been the case for some time but now the multitude of benefits to the skin are being discovered by using it as a topical application (in creams and balms).

The research to date suggests that CBD helps the production of  lipids in the body which are involved in treating all sorts of skin problems, including providing an effective barrier over the skin to reduce moisture loss and keep out nasty microbes. That and the potential for it to combat problems such as sun (UV) damage, has made CBD one of the main targets of beauty companies around the world, for new product lines.

There been plenty of celebrities endorsing it as well, including the likes of actor and director Olivia Wilde and Hollywood A-lister Gwyneth Paltrow.

But is CBD the latest fad or can it really help with your beauty regime?

For a start, there plenty of evidence to show that CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect. That makes it suitable as a topical application that can help with conditions such as acne, skin blotches and even psoriasis. A number of companies are introducing acne control lotions and beauty creams that have CBD as one of the active ingredients.

There no doubt that beauty companies are looking at all the possibilities. One mascara manufacturer has introduced CBD into its mix, proclaiming that it improves the conditioning of the lashes and also prevents the perennial problem with flaking.

Of course, it not unusual for the beauty industry to get carried away by new, wonder ingredients. Research by NCBI, though, has shown that CBD does have an effect on the sebaceous glands and helps regulate the production of natural skin oils so much so that it can have a positive impact on conditions such as acne.

According to some beauty companies, products containing CBD will also help reduce dryness and improve the skin natural barriers (through the increased production of the body lipids). There are also micro nutrients and fatty acids that can be beneficial to the skin. Users have reported having a much healthier glow and better skin condition after using these products for a while.

It revealing that many well-known spas are starting to introduce CBD treatments into their services as well. These include CBD massages which not only impact the skin positively but also reduces your stress levels. It no surprise that CBD is showing up in everything from creams and oils, to makeup products, and from best CBD lip balms to bath salts. We should always be aware of the quality of the products and companies we are buying from, so always do your research but there no doubt there are clear therapeutic reasons for using CBD in beauty products.

CBD Oil in Beauty Products

Of course, there still plenty of research to do but if youre looking to add something to your beauty regime that good for the skin, creams and ointment that contain CBD are a good bet and won’t be going way any time soon. CHeck out this link for the best CBD face cream reviews.

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