How Celebrities Are Influencing The CBD Market

Celebrities Are Influencing Consumer’s To Buy CBD Oil

Did you know that celebrities can make us buy stuff? lol. It no secret that celebrities have an effect on what we consume, whether it through paid endorsements or simply a case of “Ill have what she having”.

So, how have celebrities affected the CBD market?

CBD products and celebrities

CBD & The Sports Industry

Famous athletes across the world have professed their love of CBD, basketball BIG3 listened and became the first professional sports league in the U.S. to permit players to use CBD. In the United Kingdom, rugby superstars George Kruis and Dominic Day released their very own range of CBD oils and balms for athletes under the brand name ‘FourFive CBD’.

CBD & The Fashion Industry

In the entertainment industry, CBD became the talk of the 2019 Academy Awards earlier this year when news got out that the Oscars swag bags were filled to the brim with CBD products like chocolates and beauty creams. Stylists such as Kate Young (who works for Margot Robbie, Rachel Weisz, and Selena Gomez to name just a few) have incorporated CBD products into their style kits.

CBD & The Beauty Industry

Actresses such as Busy Phillips, Dakota Johnson, and Jennifer Aniston have all jumped on board the CBD gravy train as well. TV personality and Instagram influencer Kim Kardashian has also expressed her love for all things CBD, so much so she’s having a CBD themed baby shower. How has all of this helped the CBD industry? As CBD dominates Instagram feeds and headlines across the world as the newest must-have product, research shows that sales of the compound are seeing a huge boost. Click here for CBD face cream reviews.

Big Growth Predicted For CBD Market

Research company the Brightfield group has documented a sharp increase in sales of CBD products, as well as the sheer volume of CBD products available on the market today. While previously you might have had to dig for a tincture bottle of CBD hemp oil in your local health food shop, these days you can find CBD everywhere – from CBD infused face creams, CBD vape oils, CBD infused food to CBD infused drinks.

According to the Brightfield group report, sales of CBD beauty and skincare products grew 340% between 2017 and 2018 alone, from just under $4 million to over $17 million. Meanwhile, CBD tinctures are still the biggest seller among CBD products, accounting for 35% of sales despite a small reduction from 2017 (because sometimes you just cant beat a classic).

Huge Growth Expected for CBD

FDA Approve First CBD Based Medication

It is also of note that within this same period, the first FDA-approved CBD-based medication Epidiolex also became available in the United States. Of course, it not like Gwyneth Paltrow CBD cocktail recipes are solely to thank for the massive gains in the CBD industry.

However, the burgeoning popularity of CBD (and the push for more scientific research as a result) just shows how powerful word of mouth and a blue tick can be. Click here for cbd vape oil uk reviews.

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