How Much CBD Should You Take? – CBD Dosage

Even frequent users of CBD oil might question the best CBD dosage to have the best effects for themselves. Unfortunately, because everybody is different, there isnt a one-size fits all answer that can be instantly provided.

Cannabidiol (CBD) doesnt have a recommended daily intake (RDI), so therefore doesnt have an official serving size. It’s been shown that the human body can withstand consuming massive amounts of CBD with no chance of overdosing. It is causing some cannabis oil companies from strongly overestimating the amount that should be consumed to its customers.

Furthermore, a lot of cannabis consumers are self-proclaimed experts in all things cannabis, which can cause for a wealth of misinformation to be passed around.

What Factors Determine How Much CBD You Should Be Taking?

So as previously stated, what works for one person may not be appropriate for others. This is due to a multitude of factors, such as:

  • Your height and weight
  • Your age
  • Your body chemistry
  • The condition you may be suffering from
  • The severity of the symptoms your may be suffering from
  • The concentration of CBD in your product
  • Your tolerance to CBD and cannabis

So, with all these factors to consider, it will require for you to experiment with your CBD dosage in order for you to discover the exact dosage that you need for yourself. So how are you going to do this?

Start Small & Gradually Increase the Dosage

The main aim of working your dosage up is to ensure that you arent wasting CBD and therefore wasting your hard-earned cash. Even though CBD is safe to take in large amounts, what is the point if you dont need to? Because the effects of CBD generally occur over a period of time with regular consumption you should follow a pattern such as:

  • Day 1, 2 & 3 5mg or 2 drops
  • Day 4, 5 & 6 10mg or 4 drops
  • Day 7, 8 & 9 15mg or 6 drops
  • and so on

You will gradually increase this dosage until you find consistent relief from your symptoms. This becomes your baseline amount. Over time, your tolerance may increase, which means that you should increase your dosage slightly. If your tolerance gets too great for your budget, you can detox your body off CBD for a while to get it down to your baseline level again.

However, 5mg or 2 drops can be quite a small dosage for people to start from this can be determined by some of the following factors.

Body Weight & Height

In the same way that people who are bigger and taller require more calories from food, they may require higher dosage amounts of CBD oil. This is because people who are bigger will tend to have a larger tolerance to almost everything. Therefore, this also translates to gender, with men generally having larger frames than women, and therefore having a larger natural tolerance.

Severity of Condition & Symptoms

The minimum amount of CBD you require to take in order to see the effects that you want to see can differ largely based upon the purpose that you want to take it for. People with light, non-serious issues may only need a tiny amount for the desired results.

However, people with very severe symptoms may require a much larger dosage. This can also relate to the frequency in which you need to take CBD. For example, people with epilepsy who consume it to combat seizures will generally require more frequent and larger doses than somebody who uses CBD for anxiety or sleep disorders.

Tolerance to Other Cannabis Based Products

If you have recently ingested any cannabis-based products, then you will have almost definitely have built up a tolerance. This even relates to cannabis that is low in CBD. This is because all cannabinoids have similar structure and therefore react with the ECS is quite similar ways, and therefore they build a tolerance for each other.

Final Comments

As you can see, it isnt as simple as recommending the same dose to everyone. Because you cant overdose from CBD, so you shouldnt be too cautious about how much you are taking if the desired effects arent seen from tiny doses. You should also consult the manufactures instructions prior to taking any substance, because not all products are created the same, and therefore may have specific instructions attached.

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