How To Elbow Pack The Extreme Q

We’ve got a good technique to conserve your marijuana using an Extreme Q vaporiser. The technique is called the elbow pack method. You can use this method instead of filling up the Cyclone Bowl. Let’s explain why.

Packing the elbow uses less herb, but can still deliver a great vaping experience. I mainly use the elbow pack method for whip vaporisation, but it can also be used for bags.

How to Elbow Pack Extreme Q

The first step is to remove the small bowl from the Extreme Q’s elbow and make sure that it is clean. Once you clean the bowl, pack it fairly tight with finely ground bud, and make sure to pack until at least 3/4 of the bowl is occupied.

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It’s important that your herb is finely ground, otherwise, airflow will be disrupted and you won’t vaporise as efficiently as you could be.

After putting the bowl back into the elbow and setting everything up, let the Extreme Q heat up for 3-5 minutes. Then, run the fan on medium speed for about 10 seconds. I like to do this so that the heat coming off the ceramic element warms up the bud a bit (since it is sitting above the Arizer Extreme Q’s cyclone bowl in the elbow pack). Afterwards, I take whip hits like I normally would.

When done properly, the elbow pack method will produce a lot of vapour. It will use quite a bit less herb than if you were to fill the entire cyclone bowl. Unless I want to do long vaping sessions with friends, I usually use the elbow pack method with my Extreme Q.

As Steve from Arizer has said:

I understand some people like thicker/more concentrated hits, something that can be achieved by ‘packing the bowl’. The younger crowd and bong users often like a thicker/more concentrated (and smokey) hit. That can be easily achieved with the Extreme and V-Tower. The method I’m about to describe is very popular in some circles. It’s extremely popular with those who collect ‘pollen’ in their (Wicca) Kif Box. Instead of filling the bowl as you normally would, leave it empty. Then turn the heat up a few degrees higher than normal. Now you finely grind your herbs, (or use ‘pollen powder’ from a kif box) and fill/pack the (dome shaped) screen that sits in the elbow shaped glass piece. You’ll be surprised how much you can pack in there. Now set the elbow on the bowl as you normally would, let it ‘sit and percolate’ a few minutes. After a short wait, inhale. It will give you a VERY thick, concentrated, monster size hit . If you’re using Pollen from a Wicca Box you’re getting a super tasty, super concentrated amount of the finest part of the plant so you can imagine the effect!


Do you ever use the elbow pack method? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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