How To Extract Hash Oil From A Vaporizer

An Extreme Q elbow coated in hash oil

People often ask me about the “resin” that builds up inside their vaporizer, such as the MiniVap Vaporizer (after weeks or months of use depending on your vaping habits), so I’ve decided to write a little guide which helps to answer some of the more common questions I’ve received.

Firstly, the brownish build up in a vaporizer is not resin, but concentrated hash oil. As you use your vaporizer, the heat vaporizes THC and other active chemicals in your cannabis. Some of this vapor ends up clinging to your glass parts or whip tubing, and over time the buildup can get quite thick. When you feel that the oil accumulation is starting to get too thick, you can perform whats known as an isowash to extract the oil and clean your vaporizer at the same time.

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A pyrex dish works well for an isowash
A pyrex dish works well for an isowash

To perform an isowash, your vaporizer’s glass parts and silicone whip in (warning: do not clean PVC tubing with alcohol as the PVC will dissolve!) a baking pan filled with some isopropyl alcohol (99% will evaporate faster), occassionally stirring the parts around to shake the oil off. Make sure to keep the pan in a well ventilated place, and then wait until the alcohol completely evaporates. When the alcohol is fully evaporated, take your parts out and scrape the bottom of the container with a razor blade to extract the gooey oil. You can vaporize the oil either with a nail dab, or by placing the oil on top of some bud and then enjoying! We have written an article on making cannabis e-liquid from vaporizer hash that you should definitely check out!

I like to clean my plug-in vaporizers about once every month to make sure that they’re always in top shape. Plus at the end of the process I get to enjoy some tasty hash oil as well. I find the oil tends to be quite strong, so be careful and enjoy responsibly!

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