How To Get The Best From Your New Dry Herb Vaporizer

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Simple Steps To Improve Your Vaping Experience

Vaping is the ideal alternative to smoking cannabis.  Not only are vaporizers a healthier option, but they are also a more discreet and cost-effective investment in the long-term.  Yet, the art of vaping herbs can take some time to learn.

Unlike smoking a joint, vaping herbs does not produce any thick smoke.  Instead, you will find a light mist is produced when vaping that can, in some cases, be difficult to detect; however, this does not mean it is any less effective than the traditional joint.  As long as the vaporizer is heated to the correct temperature, any active compounds in the herbs will evaporate for inhalation and you can enjoy the effects of the vaporizer.

#1: Ensure The Herbs Are Finely Ground

It is highly significant that you ensure the cannabis herbs are finely ground when using a vaporizer.  A good grinder is essential for effective vaping experiences. Grinding the herbs can maximise the surface area exposed to heating; thereby, ensuring the heat is better distributed.  A more even distribution is useful because it increases the release of flavourful terpenes and cannabinoids.

If you choose to use a convection vape, such as the Plenty vaporizer, you will need to grind the herbs particularly fine.  Conduction vaporizers operate by transferring the heat directly between the herbs; therefore, they need to be as compact as possible.

#2: Fill The Oven But Not Too Tight

After grinding the dry herbs, it is time to fill the vaporizer over.  It is essential that the oven is not packed too tight as this can negatively affect your vaping experience.  If the oven is overfilled, the airflow is restricted and no air is able to pass through the chamber of the vaporizer – this means the flavour will not reach your mouth.

On the other hand, when using conduction vaporizers, it is recommended that you pack the oven as tight as possible without restricting airflow in the chamber.  If, however, you choose to use a convection vaporizer, such as the Firefly 2, do not pack in excess of 80% of the oven. This is important as the convection vaporizer operates by heating the air in the oven.  The hot air heats the herbs and if the oven is overfilled there is no space for the air to produce mist.

#3: Utilising The Correct Temperature

Using the correct temperature is a debatable topic.  Each member of the CBD Village team prefers to use their vaporizer at different temperatures making it a subjective issue.

Typically, the higher temperatures promote stronger effects when vaporising dry cannabis herbs; however, the compromise is that you lose some flavour from the herbs.  If you opt to vape using a lower temperature, you will be able to taste the delicate flavours of each cannabis strain; however, the physical high will be limited.

Personally, I prefer to begin vaping sessions using a low temperature – approximately 160 degrees Celsius – and then increase the temperature by 10 degrees each twenty minutes.  Using this method I am able to gain the most from my herb vaping experience enjoy both the flavour and the high.

#4: Never Rip, Sip!

Members across the board agree that shallow sipping from the vaporizer is more effective than using a hard rip technique, such as the rip or pull from a bong.

Sips are more effective when using vaporizers because when drawing hard from the device you will pull cool air into the oven.  Sipping allows only a small amount of air to be brought in at a single time; therefore, the vaporizer remains warm and maintains its set temperature.

Various vaporizers require different pull strengths, so you must try different techniques.  Typically, drawing for approximately eight seconds seems to be the best for me.

#5: Giving The Vaporizer Time To Warm Up

It is common for vaporizers to provide indications of their temperatures.  It can take time for a battery to heat a vaporizer’s oven in excess of 100 degrees Celsius.  Taking this into account, you should wait until the device is at the correct temperature before you begin using it.

#6: Keeping The Device Clean

Keeping the vaporizer clean may seem to be an obvious statement, but it is common for people to neglect the cleanliness of their devices.  It is particularly significant to give the filters, chamber and mouthpiece a wipe after all uses if you wish to maximise the overall lifespan of the vaporizer.

After a vaping session, the last thing you would want to do is clean the vaporizer; however, similar to doing the dishes, it is best to get it out of the way.

When the device has cooled, any leftover residue will start to congeal making cleaning the device a chore. Residue can block the air paths if left in the device resulting in reduced clouds, less taste and poor vaping experiences.

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