How to Make Cannaoil With ABV

Some already vaped bud (AVB)
Some already vaped bud (AVB)

After using a dry herb vaporiser for a few weeks (or months), you should have quite a bit of ‘already been vaped’ (ABV) bud leftover (providing you’ve decided to save it!). One popular thing to do with ABV is to make cannaoil, a potent form of olive oil infused with CBD. I prefer making cannaoil to cannabutter, as I find that olive oil is a much healthier option than butter. It also gives me a wider range of things to make.

If you’d like to try making your own cannaoil, just follow this simple guide and you’ll have some great tasting oil in only a few hours! Before making cannaoil, make sure you have at least 14 grams of ABV saved up to mix into the oil. Any less and it may not be very potent. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to use 2x as much ABV as you would fresh bud.


  • 1L of cooking oil (can be olive, canola, corn, etc)
  • At least 14g of ABV (14g is the minimum, 28g+ works much better)
  • Metal mesh strainer

First off, purchase some cooking oil to use as the base for the mixture. Although you can use any oil, I like to use olive oil since it is healthy, and I’ve heard that most cannabinoids bond very well to the monounsaturated fat. Pour about 1L of oil into a large saucepan, and set your stove to the 1-3 heat setting. You may need to adjust the temperature throughout the process in order to avoid burning the oil. Simmering oil can be dangerous (flare-ups can occur if you are not careful) so make sure to stay in the kitchen while cooking. 

Method for Cannaoil

ABV and olive oil

Next, take your ABV (which should be finely ground) and add it into the oil mix, stirring occasionally. You’ll want this mixture to simmer but not smoke. Keep cooking the cannaoil at this temperature for 1-4 hours (I prefer letting it go for 2 hours to make sure the CBD has been properly absorbed. Once you’re finished cooking, the oil should be slightly brown and the ABV quite dark.

Next, take your ABV off the stove and let it cool to room temperature. Take a small metal mesh strainer, and run the oil through it twice or three times to filter out any sediment. Pour the oil into a jar when you finish. Congrats, you now have some potent cannaoil!

After making your cannaoil, you can now use it in a variety of ways. My favourite is to pour some of the oil into pasta. However, you can use the oil in a wide range of ways just like normal oil (on bread, in sauces, etc). Be careful if it is your first time using edibles, as cannaoil can be quite potent, especially in higher doses!

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