How to Make Your Own CBD Lip Balm?

Some lip balms might often only offer a temporary reprieve from dryness. However, by you may be wondering how to make CBD lip balm, you can pack it full of skin-loving, hydrating ingredients. At CBD Village, we’re here to teach you how to make a CBD lip balm. CBD can be consumed in a number of ways, from CBD Tea to CBD Coffee or even using Balms, but these CBD products are now flooding the market because of how easy they can be used.

Before we delve into the process, we’ll give you a little more information. We’ll also tell you why, when making your own lip balm, a home-made option is just that much better.

Why Should I Make My Own Lip Balm?

With the assortment of lip balms on the market, you might be reluctant to make your own. After all, you can get lip balm in a variety of flavours, colours, and with a selection of ingredients. If you wanted, you could even get a CBD lip balm, without resorting to making it yourself.

However, many high street lip balms contain ingredients like petroleum jelly, or alcohol-based fragrances. They might make your lips feel soft and smooth at first, but these ingredients could leave your lips dry and chapped over time. Furthermore, many lip balms contain animal-derived substances, like beeswax or lanolin.

By making your own lip balm, you can add your own ingredients. This could help you avoid dehydrating elements, or animal-based substances. When you make your own lip balm, you can even add a healthy dose of CBD, or natural flavourings.

In fact, you can completely customise your lip balm to your tastes. Whether you’re looking for a more hydrating option, or want a more pigmented lip balm, the choice is entirely yours. At CBD Village, we want to up your beauty game, and help you live your best life.

This is why we’ll tell you how to make the perfect CBD lip balm.

Does CBD Lip Balm Have Any Benefits?

Yes, CBD lip balms certainly have their benefits. However, it entirely depends on the list of ingredients. When looking for a CBD-infused option, keep an eye out for one with a good amount of CBD.

This is because lip balm is a topical, which means that it’s applied onto your skin. Therefore, a higher dose of CBD means that it has a better chance of interacting with your endocannabinoid system. You might have wondered if topical CBD has any benefits.

Research shows that yes, it does. A 2018 animal study showed that topical CBD could help with pain and inflammation. Given that we all know how painful cracked lips can be, DIY CBD lip balm could be your next beauty must-have!

Additionally, when you make your own CBD lip balm, you can decide what to put in it. We’d recommend staying away from alcohol-based additives, as this can dry out your lips. Instead, consider adding ingredients like skin-friendly essential oils, honey, or cocoa butter.

Therefore, when you make your own CBD lip balm, you’ll be able to add far more skin-loving ingredients. You also won’t have to add any harsh additives. This means that you could see the effect far quicker than you would with a store-bought alternative.

How to Make CBD Lip Balm

Making your own lip balm might sound a little complicated. However, this isn’t the case at all. With our CBD lip balm recipe, we’ll talk you through every step of the process.

That being said, we’d recommend taking on this DIY project when you’re not in a rush. This means you can take your time with each step, ending up with the perfect home-made lip balm.

What You’ll Need

Thankfully, making your own CBD lip balm doesn’t require an extensive list of ingredients. In fact, many skincare or DIY enthusiasts will likely have these ingredients already lying around the house. However, if you don’t have these ingredients, you can find them at any online craft store.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • CBD oil. Remember to use a CBD oil, and not a CBD tincture. CBD tinctures contain alcohol, which can dry out your skin when applied as a topical. If you’re running low, why not browse our selection at CBD Village?
  • Cosmetic-grade beeswax pellets. For a vegan alternative, replace the beeswax with soy wax or candelilla wax.
  • Firm coconut oil. This simply means that your coconut oil contains higher amounts of saturated fats.
  • Shea butter.
  • Extras: Here, you could add an essential oil of your choice. You could also add some natural flavouring, like vanilla extract. If you’d prefer a tinted lip balm, consider adding a cosmetic-grade pigment.

Once you have all your ingredients together, you’re ready to start making your CBD lip balm!

Making the Lip Balm

To make your CBD-infused lip balm, you’ll need to melt your ingredients together. First, start by preparing your double boiler. If you don’t have a double boiler (or just don’t want to deal with the wash-up), you can always use a microwave.

Combine three tablespoons of each ingredient (except your extras; hold off on those for the moment!) into a heatproof bowl. Now, heat them in your microwave in 20-second increments, until they’re completely melted. This should take less than two minutes.

If you’re using the double boiler method, however, start by filling your saucepan with about an inch or two of water. Place it on the hob, and gently heat it until the water starts to boil. Now, lower the heat, so it reaches a delicate simmer.

Once it reaches a simmer, place a heatproof bowl on top of your saucepan. The bowl could get hot, so we’d recommend using gloves for this part. Add three tablespoons of each ingredient to your heatproof bowl, and stir until melted.

You’ll know your lip balm is ready once all the ingredients are translucent and melted together. If you’ve decided against any extras, you’re done! Your CBD lip balm is ready to go.

I’m Adding Extras

If you’ve decided to add some extras, add them to your cocktail of ingredients. Your mixture should be warm enough for the extras to dissolve into beautifully. Stir these ingredients together until they’ve combined.

You might want to add some pigment to this, especially if you want to make a tinted CBD lip balm. If you’re making a tinted version, make sure to swatch it now. Add more pigment if necessary, or until you’re happy with the shade.

If this is your first time making CBD lip balm, you might not know how else to infuse the mixture. Consider adding some Vitamin E oil, to nourish and moisturise your lips.

You could also add a selection of essential oils, for scent and flavour. Popular options include peppermint, vanilla, or citrus. Use a few drops of essential oils, as a little goes a long way!

Your CBD-Infused Lip Balm Is Almost Done!

If you’ve successfully reached this point with no hiccups, then congratulations! The hardest part is over, and your CBD lip balm is almost ready.

Now, all you have to do is prepare your tubes or your tubs. Lip balm tubes and tubs are readily available online. Sometimes, you can even get them with blank labels, so you can doodle a design yourself!

Carefully pour your warm lip balm mixture into your tubes. This can take some practice, so remember to take your time. We’d also recommend keeping your gloves on, as your heatproof bowl could still be a little hot.

Once your tubes are filled, leave them to set. At this point, you might be tempted to pop them into the fridge to help them cool. This could be helpful if you’re in a hurry.

However, it’s best to let them set at room temperature. While this could take a little longer, it also won’t result in any condensation. Therefore, you’ll be treated to a smooth, creamy top layer when you uncap your lip balm.

Now, label your finished product, apply it liberally, and enjoy! That being said, when using your DIY CBD lip balm, remember to keep it out of the heat. In fact, heating up your lip balm could result in a very sticky situation.

Key Takeaways

Now that we’ve covered how to make CBD lip balm, you’ll understand that the process isn’t at all difficult. All you need is a little time, some patience, and the right ingredients.

In fact, once you’re comfortable with the process, consider experimenting with different elements. You’ll be able to come up with different combinations — all of them a healthy, natural treatment for your lips.

Furthermore, making a DIY lip balm is far better for your lips. You have complete control over what goes into it. This means that you can choose to pack it with moisturising agents and humectants.

Plus, if you’re prone to losing your store-bought lip balm, making your own could be a good alternative. After all, you’ll have an entire batch ready to go. Furthermore, you’ll quickly find out that making your own CBD lip balm is far more budget-friendly.

Why not get your ingredients together, so you can begin your homemade CBD lip balm journey this weekend?

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