How To Quickly Disassemble Your Cloud Evo And Reclaim Its Hash Oil

Cloud Evo Vaporizer
Cloud Evo Vaporizer

Capable of producing huge clouds of vapor from both loose leaf and concentrates with ease, The VapeXHale Cloud Evo is one of my favourite desktop vaporizers. However, after using my Cloud Evo quite heavily for over a year, I began to notice a change in taste over time even when I fully cleaned my Hydratube and herb bowls. Although I let it go for a while, once I started to use the quartz VapeXNail to dab concentrates on a fairly frequent basis, I started to notice some vape oils begin to leak from the bottom of my unit, prompting me to do a full investigation as to the cause.

Cloud Evo With The Vapor Path Removed

After doing some poking around, I soon discovered that although I was cleaning the visible glass parts of my Cloud Evo, the design of the vapor path makes it difficult to clean the inner workings of the unit. The Evo’s vapor path runs from the very bottom of the unit to the top where it then passes through the bowl and into your mouthpiece or Hydratube. In theory, since the vapor is only produced at the top of the unit, essential oils should accumulate near the easy to clean top. In practice however, the vapor oftentimes sinks down a bit in between hits and starts to collect in the centre of the unit. In addition, sometimes concentrates leak out slightly from the VapeXNail during puffs, and this causes the oils to accumulate in the centre of the vapor path at an even quicker rate. You can follow our guide to learn how to extract hash oil from a vaporizer.

A word of caution: Opening up your Cloud Evo will most likely void the warranty (and you may risk damaging the unit if you aren’t careful!), so I recommend following this guide only if you’re comfortable with electronics and the warranty has expired!

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What You’ll Need

Fortunately, very few tools are needed for this guide, and you’ll only need to pick up the following item to get the job done quickly and efficiently:

  • Small Allen key
  • (Optional) Small container to temporarily store the Evo’s screws

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The Process
Inside the Cloud Evo

With your Allen key in hand, set aside some room on a flat surface for your Cloud Evo (Important: Make sure the unit is unplugged before working on it!). Next, begin unscrewing the six screws which run along the backside of your Evo. Once the screws are removed, carefully split open your unit to access the inner workings. One of the halves of the Evo will be attached to the heat chamber and electronics, and you should see the glass vapor path sitting inside the heat chamber.

Make sure to clean your herb chamber as well!

Next, you’ll want to carefully remove the glass vapor path from your Evo, carefully sliding it out from the heat chamber. Once this step is successfully performed, you should see be able to see the buildup of essential oils located in the center of the glass path. The amount of oil buildup depends on how long you’ve used your Evo for, as well as the frequency at which you vape. In order to fully clean the glass, you have one of two options. Firstly, you can soak the glass in a container filled with high proof grain alcohol for a period of time (preferrably for about 24 hours), making sure to stir occasionally to make sure all the oils come loose. Secondly, if the buildup of essential oil is fairly heavy, you can follow the steps outlined in my handy guide here  to both clean your glass as well as create a potent edible (or ‘drinkable’ in this case!). Both cleaning methods should work effectively, and the end result will be a squeaky clean Cloud Evo vapor path!

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Once your glass vapor path is sufficiently cleaned, thoroughly rinse it out and then set it out to dry in a safe place. When the glass is fully dried, carefully insert it back into your Cloud Evo’s heat chamber, and then close the unit back up. Finally, use your Allen key to screw the unit back together, and presto! A fully cleaned Cloud Evo!

Unlike the bowl and mouthpiece, I don’t find that you need to clean the inner vapor path as much, and I recommend doing it once every four months (or every three months if you’re a heavy vaper and use concentrates). A clean vapor path will ensure that you continually have fresh-tasting vapor from your Evo, giving you a tasty and enjoyable vape experience every time.

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