How to Use a Dab Pen

A dab pen is a mobile vape system that corrects the various shortcomings of cartridges.

This makes it ideal for somebody searching for…

  • Portability.
  • Simplicity.
  • Increased control over their vaping experience.

A standard vape pen is produced for compatibility with vape cartridges filled with oil or distillate. A dab pen is designed to consume dabs.

Dabs are defined as concentrated doses of cannabis. They are created through the extraction of THC and cannabinoids alike.

Using solvents such as butane or carbon dioxide, in order to produce sticky oils.

Research has shown that dabs can have a THC concentration of 80%. In contrast to that of traditional cannabis, with a concentration level of about 10-15% THC.

The process of pouring butane over the marijuana plant allows the THC to leave the plant and dissolve into the solvent. This creates a gummy, yet solid product containing these high levels of THC.

Since dabbing does not involve the direct burning of the marijuana flower, its effects are purer and it is, therefore, a more discrete and favourable way of consuming cannabis.

How do Dab Pens Work?

Most dab pens often referred to as wax pens, consist of a replaceable ceramic bowl and a coil that heats up when the pen battery is activated.

Dab pens are seen to look similar to that of an everyday writing pen and are just as portable.

They are designed to include –

  • An atomiser (a chamber to hold the cannabis concentrates)
  • A mouthpiece used to inhale the vapour,
  • A battery,
  • A micro USB charger used to charge the pen.

Many forms of concentrates may be consumed through dab pens, including shatter, butter, oil, wax, etc.

The process of using a dab pen begins with placing the concentrate on coils, allowing the heat to melt it down on a wick which soon absorbs the product.

Next, the concentrate is heated by the wick and vapour is created.

Temperature is an essential factor in this regard as a temperature that is too high can burn the material, and therefore, vaporization cannot take place.

It is important to note that various materials require different temperatures in order for vaporisation to occur, with oily concentrates needing a temperature of 440 °F to 550 °F and others requiring a lower heat of 360 °F to 400 °F.

With respect to this, high-quality dab pens offer a wider range of temperatures, and also settings for a wider range of oils, such as…

  • rosin
  • terp sauce
  • terp diamonds
  • shatter
  • wax
  • crumble

The dab pen power button activates the battery to begin heating the concentrate inside the atomizer. The vapour is then sent to the pen mouthpiece for inhalation.

The Benefits of Dabbing

There are numerous benefits to dabbing as a mode of cannabis consumption.

Using a dab pen is smoke-free, involving zero combustion or ash.

Similarly, due to the fact that smoke is not involved, those who choose to use a dab pen do not have to worry about the smell.

In this regard, dabbing is versatile, it can be done indoors or outdoors.

Durability is also a major benefit of dabbing. Dabs/concentrates have been proven to support longer potency than the marijuana flower.

Furthermore, the high concentration of THC in dabs renders dabbing to be more efficient than smoking.

It is also important to note that dabbing only requires a little amount of consumption.

Therefore, it helps micro-dosing, which functions well for medical marijuana.

Patients suffering from chronic pain or severe nausea have found that dabbing cannabis concentrates provides immediate and effective relief.

Dabbing is also seen to be inexpensive. Many have saved money on dab pens, as these vaporizers are cheaper than the glass.

In the United States, good quality dab pens can cost under $50. Similarly, the cost of replacing the cartridge is less than $20. It is worth mentioning that dabbing is safer than smoking.

Dabbing is cleaner from a chemical perspective due to the fact that cannabis concentrate is free from plant matter and the harmful carcinogens that are a byproduct of smoking the marijuana flower.

Other Ways to Dab

Dabbing can also be completed through what is called a dab rig. A dab rig is the chamber of a glass pipe used for dabbing.

It is connected to what is referred to as a nail or banger in the place of a traditional bowl found on a bong.

Dabbing using dab rigs differs from using a dab pen as they require a more advanced technique for use, they are more expensive and they require more accessories.

This dabbing method involves heating the nail or banger with a blowtorch, placing a dab on this nail, and inhaling the vapour that is produced.

For those who would rather not use a blowtorch in order to dab, what is known as an electric nail may be favourable.

This is an accessory of a dab rig that is plugged into a separate power source.

Using an electric nail allows one to have full control over the dabbing temperature without the risk of getting burned.

A health stone can also be used to dab. A health stone is a porous rock that slips into a bowl-piece where marijuana concentrate can be added directly.

An advantage of this dabbing method is that densely packed marijuana concentrates like shatter is not required.

Cannabis concentrates like hash or crumble can be used to dab on a health stone using a blowtorch.

Lastly, dabbing can be achieved through what is known as T-Waxing.

T-Waxing involves mixing the concentrate of choice with a dry herb.

However, this is seen to be a less effective or diluted mode of dabbing and using a dab pen or dab rig has proven to be more popular.

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