How To Write A CBD Review

Top Tips For Writing A CBD Review

Once, a simple CBD brand name would have been enough to assure a consumer of the virtues of a particular product. The name stood apart from all others in the market, letting people see from across the supermarket aisle that Yes, this is a good product, ignore the generic alternatives, they suck. Brands were once such a good indicator of quality that people will happily spend mountains of money for the privilege of wearing a brand logo on their tee shirt.

However, this was back in the day when the market was much smaller, brands had less competition, and shelf space was limited, keeping choice down. Now with online shopping, we suddenly find ourselves confronted by hundreds and thousands of brands. Big and small, every brand can muscle their way into the new digital bazaar.

Of course, this means that you are suddenly confronted with a horde of new brands. This problem is compounded when a new product hits the market, suddenly youre faced with a huge range of brands youve never seen before and with no real point of reference.

Thanks to the prevalence of online shopping the onus is on the consumer to seek out reputable reviews to help direct them towards the very best possible products. These reviews have to start somewhere, so why not start it yourself!

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What You Need To Know About Reviewing A Product

Products dont exist in a binary of good and bad, sometimes their qualities mean totally different things to different people at different times.

When youre reviewing a product you have to look at several different factors that define the product and how it is used. These factors include:

  • Application method
  • Physical quality of product
  • Presentation

Let break these down.


Application Method

This is possibly one of the most relevant factors for many users. The application method can make or break any CBD product in the eyes of different people. Some people have a vitamin supplement routine in the morning, and for these people CBD capsules are a welcome addition to their medicine cabinet.

On the other hand, maybe they want to work CBD into their breakfast routine then a dropper bottle of oil will make it easy to add CBD to their morning coffee or smoothie.

The application method can also have a big part in what the product is intended to treat. A topical cream, for example, is applied directly to the skin, while CBD e-liquid is generally used by people hoping to enjoy its calming properties.

Physical Quality of The Product

How a product feels is a very important quality. For example, who would want to use a CBD cream that leaves a slick and oily film on their skin? Or who would enjoy a CBD oil that leaves a horrible aftertaste? The actual effects of a product tend to get pushed to the sidelines, if the product is actively unpleasant to use then it simply won’t be used.

A product that is easy and comfortable to use will always be more valuable than a product that is uncomfortable or tedious to use. For many people, CBD oil from a dropper bottle is better than a bottle that you have to meticulously decant the oil out of.

One area where the physical qualities of the CBD product is particularly important is CBD-infused vape liquid. There are different grades of vape coils, and lighter grade coils cannot handle a thicker e-liquid, so a serious consideration for people who use CBD vape pens is the thickness of CBD e-liquid is a serious factor. Getting it wrong could result in a broken coil and wasted money.


Last but not least, you have to consider how the product looks. This may seem inconsequential, but good presentation is very important to some people, and in some cases it can actually affect the overall utility of the product.

For example, if your CBD oil comes in a hideous olive drab bottle with a tricky-to-use safety cap, and has a tiny, built-in rubber sluice, well, that going to end up a hideous eyesore in your medicine cabinet.

However, if it comes in a stylishly branded, ergonomic dropper bottle, that going to be something you can happily use everyday. Presentation is important, and an aesthetically pleasing product, is a well used product.

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