Inhalater INH-06 Portable Vaporizer Review

Just recently, Pharmacor Technologies (based out of Montreal, Quebec) released the  newest member of their portable vaporizer  line, the Inhalater INH-06. In the past I’ve reviewed the INH-05, and to this day it remains one of my favorite portable vapes thanks to its great taste, lightweight form factor, and high quality engineering.

After unboxing  my INH-06, the first thing that hit me was the size and weight of the unit. Weighing in at just  83 grams, the 06 has a very sleek form factor and is definitely one of (if not the) the lightest vapes on the market alongside the 05.  Aside from being highly portable, the professional looking design of the unit allows  it to sit just as comfortably  on a desk as in your pocket without attracting too much attention. At the base of the unit there’s a switch to select a temperature setting, and the settings range between 1-9 (plus a special ‘auto’ setting which selects an optimal vaporization temperature for you).

Inhalater 6 Box

In addition to a number of small aesthetic refinements over the INH-05, what really makes the INH-06 stand out from its predecessor is the addition of Pharmacor’s new ‘Pulse Extraction Technology’. When the unit is turned on, and Pulse extraction is enabled, it temporarily puts the device into overdrive mode, allowing you to achieve greater vapor production. My favourite thing about this new technology is the ability to be able to use a lower temperature setting and then activating the boost mode only when you need to inhale (thus conserving battery life while at the same time avoiding overcooking your herb between puffs). By experimenting with different base temperatures and then holding down the pulse action of time, you can deliver large clouds of vapor in a very short period of time! To activate pulse extraction mode, simply turn on your unit to the desired setting, hold down the button in the middle of the vape until the blue LED turns from flashing to solid (this should take a few seconds to achieve), and then take a nice inhale! The amount of boost applied varies depending on which temperature setting you’ve chosen (stay tuned for a more detailed graph of exactly how much the temperature is boosted for each setting!).

Inhalater INH-06

Much like the INH-05, the 06 uses specially designed polymide capsules which have adjustable airflow and can hold approximately 0.3 grams of finely ground loose leaf.  According to Pharmacor, “Polyimide is a synthetic resin with remarkable proprieties. Properties include thermal stability, with great mechanical and chemical resistance. Polyimide is used in many high-tech applications like space shuttles and medical devices due to its high resistance to heat. We have been using polyimide for our capsules for years now and have been enjoying its unique properties that have made vaporizing convenient and easy for so many.” Personally, I find that the polymide  capsules  are a great innovation for use in a portable vaporizer, as they are completely inert, weigh very little compared to glass (also much less  fragile), and can heat up and cool down much faster, making changing bowls at a party a breeze!

Although I strongly suggest using the polyamide capsules to achieve the best vaporization experience possible, Pharmacor also offers glass capsules on the Inhalater website as an alternative. There’s  also replacement polymide capsules on their website (but you can clean capsules a number of times by using a solution of isopropyl alcohol and a q-tip).  Despite the system working great, one small downside is that there is currently no way to vape straight BHO (traditional hash works great however, just sandwich  some in between some regular loose leaf and set a slightly higher temperature than normal!). Pharmacor also offers a waterpipe adapter so that  you can attach your unit to  pretty much any bong to increase the smoothness of the hits even further.

After filling up my capsule with some potent loose leaf, I set my device to 4 to start, and within thirty seconds the unit was ready for use. I was quite impressed by how fast the unit is able to warm up (mostly thanks to the heat chamber design as well as the thermal conductivity of the capsules), and the 06 definitely had some of the fastest warm-up times of any portable I’ve tried so far. The vapor produced by the INH-06 is very smooth, and you can adjust just how smooth it is by  adjusting the capsule airflow.  Likewise, the pulse extraction mode was very fast to activate, and it generally  added about ten seconds to the initial warm up time. With the pulse action in  combination with a watertool (and the right capsule airflow setting), I was able to get huge clouds of vapor out of my unit,  allowing for a wide spectrum of possible settings for every situation.

Furthermore, the battery is quite long lasting, and I was able to  plenty of bowls out of a full charge (enough to last more than a day of medium vaping, and a full day of heavy vaping with friends depending on which temperature setting I  choose).  The unit uses a standard USB charging port and can be used while charging so  I  haven’t run into any issues with being  unable to use my unit due to a dead battery.

Overall, the Inhalater INH-06 has impressed me quite a bit  and I absolutely love the level of control you can achieve  by taking advantage of  the new pulse extraction feature. However, I do feel there’s a few issues with the build quality and reliability of the units.

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