Is CBD Infused Beer A Thing?

With all of the many CBD products out there (some are even edible such as CBD gummies) a lot of people have been asking the question, why hasn’t someone thought about combining the calming effects of CBD with one of the most popular alcoholic drinks, beer? Well, if youve ever wondered if CBD infused beer is a thing, then we have good news for you. Yes, it is and it taking the United States by storm. Even though it may seem like a strange combination to some, people whove tried it claim that it the best of both worlds, the perfect combination of hops and hemp.

Why so much controversy?

Unfortunately, many people who arent familiar with the properties of CBD and the fact that it completely non-psychoactive have been bashing CBD infused beer and the companies that produce it. What they dont understand is that CBD is harmless and has a variety of health benefits. Many studies show that CBD has the ability to help reduce topical pain, calm anxiety and stress and also reduce inflammation.

So, CBD infused beer should be praised for being a great tasting alcoholic drink that even has health benefits, and if enough people get involved in understanding the science behind it, it could become the most exciting thing on the market.

Beer Yeast & CBD

Who produces it?

There are a few breweries in the United States where you can buy CBD Infused beer.
“Medicator” is currently a limited-edition beer that in high demand. It produced at the Long Trail Brewery which is located in Vermont. They are considered one of the industry leaders for CBD beer. This beer was created when they infused CBD honey produced by Luce farm with their own brew. It was a long process trying to get the taste and the health benefits of the product just right. Luckily, they were successful and after six failed batches, theyve reached the perfect recipe for their product. Even though currently only 30 barrels have been produced, the high demand for it will surely lead to an increase in production.

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Another brewery trying their luck with CBD is Oregon Coalition Brewing. The first CBD infused beer theyve released was “Two flowers IPA” in November 2016. This is probably the most popular type of CBD beer in the United States. It has been described as crisp, light, bitter and refreshing and has an alcohol content of 6%. The batch was a huge success and later theyve released a few other versions of CBD infused bear including “Herbs of a Feather” and “Charlie Brown.”

What important to remember is that these breweries arent simply adding CBD into their already existing beer just to fool customers. They are creating completely new products that contain a high enough percentage of CBD to provide some nutritional benefit. Even though there isnt a lot of CBD infused beer currently on the market, it worth mentioning that it still a relatively new concept and that as time passes, more and more breweries are sure to see the benefits of producing and selling their own CBD infused beer.

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