Is THC Weed?

Out there in the big bad world, things can be a little tricky. With so much information, misinformation, fake news, real news, news news, and breaking news clouding up every topic it can be difficult to discern the signal from the noise.

Today we look at one big component of the marijuana industry and ask “Is THC weed?” Read on to find out what we say.

CBD – The Treatment of Tomorrow

CBD is one of the most exciting “new” alternative therapies that are available today. It only been in the last twenty or so years that weve started to understand what CBD can do for our bodies. And these days there are many companies springing up specializing in CBD medications and treatments. Everyone is pretty much spoilt for choice. But the perception of CBD is often mixed in with THC. People, by and large, seem to think theyre the same thing. But this is not the case.

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All right, What is THC?

You may or may not know that THC is a shortened version of its full name tetrahydrocannabinol. And if you say that fast without messing it up youll sound smart at parties. But what it basically is is the chemical responsible for the euphoric high people often experience or associate with ingesting marijuana.

How that?

Basically, THC binds together with cannabinoid receptors that are concentrated in the brain and central nervous system and that produces psychoactive effects. These are far less scary than they sound but CBD, on the other hand, doesnt have any such effects on the brain.

THC Gets You “High” Then?

THC is the part of the marijuana plant which elicits the cloudiness of mind and the euphoric elements of cannabis. So, essentially, yes. THC will get you high.

The level of any sort of high depends on the amount of THC present. As can often be the case with some CBD strains, there are small, trace amounts of THC and in those cases, you are unlikely to get high in any sense of the word.

So, CBD and THC are Never Mixed?

Like we said, this is not always the case. Those among our more experienced readers will know, that in a large majority of instances, CBD and THC often work better in tandem. One helping the other. There are various opinions on what the preferred ratio between the two of them should be.

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And… is THC Weed?

THC is present in weed, yes. It will show up on drug tests and it will get you high. For these reasons, you should always be careful when deciding on a strain of cannabis oil or hemp oil or CBD to purchase. There are differences in each one with their own benefits and strong points.

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