Kandypens Miva 2 – Review

Kandypens are known for their extensively wide range of quality vaporizers and this trend has clearly continued with their latest, the Kandypens Miva 2.
Following a DJ Khaled and Justin Bieber music video in 2017, Kandypens went from having an established fan base of hardcore vaping enthusiasts to being a worldwide vaping phenomenon.

We reviewed the original Kandypen Miva and were highly impressed with both the quality of craftsmanship and the performance that the release of the much anticipated Kandypens Miva 2 was greeted with much excitement.

The Kandypens Miva 2 vaporizer is a compact, portable, dual-use vaporiser developed and designed in the United States. It has a smooth, aesthetically pleasing surface with only three buttons and an intuitive OLED screen.

Kandypens Miva Dry Herb Vaporizer
Kandypens Miva Dry Herb Vaporizer

Is It Any Good?

A slick and stylishly designed vaporiser, the Kandypens Miva 2 is both slick and sturdy, and yet is also quite light to carry. At 3.45 x 1.47, it fits neatly and discreetly into your hand, pocket or bag.

Beneath the ergonomic mouthpiece is a large ceramic chamber with the ability to load approximately 0.5g of herb flower. The Kandypens Miva 2 is also compatible with concentrates and comes with a metal insert that is easily placed in the chamber for all those fans of CBD e-liquids and waxes.

The Miva 2 utilises a hybrid technology unit comprising both convection and conduction heating, all powered by a rechargeable 2200mAh lithium polymer battery similar to the Boundless Tera.

The Kandypens Miva 2 boasts a wide-ranging temperature selection between 300 °F to 435 °F allowing you to choose the temperature that suits you to within a single degree. This is perfect for those who like to activate each and every terpene that herbs have to offer to fully utilise the plant’s abilities.

Heat up time for the Miva 2 is incredibly fast with temperatures reached after an incredible 10-20 seconds. This amazingly fast heat up time is up there with the likes of the highly regarded Pax 3

Using the micro USB cable provided, a full charge requires around 4 hours which can be done at home or on the road via a USB port in the car and will provide you with over an hour of highly enjoyable vaping quality.

Kandypens Miva 2 Vaporizer
Kandypens Miva 2 Vaporizer

A True Smart Vape

Built-in smart memory technology means that when you turn your device back on it will automatically heat back up to your previous chosen temperature. Ideal for anyone who enjoyed their last session but cannot remember what temperature they set the device at.

The Kandypens Miva 2 was designed with a brighter OLED screen resolution than its predecessor, allowing for greater clarity as it clearly displays both the temperature and battery life remaining.

The Kandypens Miva 2 has a 5-minute auto shut off safety feature built in so you don’t have to worry if you happen to leave it down and forget about it.

The first thing you will notice when you use this from this sleek, smart trendy portable vaporizer is that the vapour is incredibly tasty and satisfying.

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Each draw provides a really enjoyable vaping experience with plenty of big clouds for the cloud chasers at those higher temperatures.

The mouthpiece and the built-in vape path cools the vape before it hits your lips giving you a nice smooth, cool draw every time.

Your herb will be evenly heated to leaving you with perfect AVB brownies for the aspiring chefs out there.

For the ultimate in freshness, simply swap the existing mouthpiece for the extended glass mouthpiece and your vaporizer transforms cool vapour into ultra cool refreshing vapour similar to what you would get from the Arizer Air 2.

Overall the Kandypens Miva 2 is certainly a vaporizer that will compete with the more expensive vaporizers on the market and is sure to be a staple vaporizer in many a collection.

What you get in the box:

  • Miva 2 vaporizer
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Micro USB cable
  • Concentrate Insert
  • Packing tool
  • Cleaning Brush

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