Make Local Holidays Fun Again With CBD and Camping

Most of us have been stuck indoors for the longest period of our lives this past year, and are raring to get out and really live again. Especially if that living involves a much-needed holiday abroad. However, travelling internationally is just not an option everyone has at the moment. Instead of moping about if you aren’t able to travel, why not plan an epic camping or glamping trip? Here’s how you can make local holidays fun again with CBD and camping.

How Do CBD and Camping mix?

Camping may be a better alternative to travelling abroad, especially since things keep changing faster than you can say ‘holiday’, thanks to pesky Covid. It would be better to have a relaxing camping trip than have your tickets to Spain cancelled and be forced to stay home.

However, camping can still be stressful for some, and not everyone likes it. Thankfully, with a little help from CBD, you can make it one of your best and most relaxing memories to date.

CBD Oil Is a Multi-Purpose Product

If you’re someone that likes to be prepared with all manner of tools and supplies when camping, CBD will become your holy grail with the sheer amount of things you can use it for while in nature. When camping, you can use CBD to help:

  • De-stress
  • Improve sleep
  • Soothe pain from minor injuries
  • Raise energy levels

Ease Your Stress While Camping

Even if just the thought of sleeping and living outdoors makes you picture yourself being covered with creepy crawlies or other unpleasant situations, don’t let that stop you from joining in on that fun camping trip you were invited on.

Many studies have shown that CBD helps calm nerves and relax users. It can help ease any stress you may be feeling naturally, and is a great alternative to the chemical-laden meds your doctor may prescribe you. This is one of the reasons CBD and camping are such a great match. Especially for people who tend to get nervous in the wild.

No matter who you are, or how much you claim to hate the outdoors, nature is good for everyone, and you will feel refreshed after your trip. Just slip that bottle of CBD oil into your bag before leaving home, and you’re good to go. Nothing can stop you with CBD on your side.

Sleep Through the Noise While Camping

Sleeping outdoors after a long day of being in nature and exploring can usually make anyone sleep like a rock as soon as their head hits the pillow. However, if you are camping, the normal yet unfamiliar sounds of nature could be causing you to lie awake in your tent at night and picture what could be making the noise.

Luckily, taking CBD can be the solution to the sleeping problems you experience while camping. A number of studies have reported that CBD can help improve the quality of sleep without causing fatigue the next day. So, instead of taking those prescription sleeping pills you got for your insomnia on your next camping trip, try CBD oil instead and see if it makes a difference for you.

Soothe Camping Injuries

It is inevitable that someone will get slight injuries such as cuts, burns and scratches while out camping. While it’s always good to come prepared, you can leave the five different tubes of antiseptic cream at home. CBD is known for having anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, and is also believed to help soothe pain. This makes CBD oil perfect for rubbing onto cuts, burns, bites and more. It is also said to speed up the healing process.

However, if the injury is severe, get to a doctor or hospital as soon as possible for help.

Feel Energised While Camping

CBD may be a great way to improve your sleep, but it can also be used to energise you. Besides having more energy from better sleep, eating a few CBD gummies or taking some CBD tincture when you feel your energy levels drop can give you that boost you need to help you feel energised and keep going. CBD does this by raising your anandamide, a neurotransmitter that binds to cannabinoid receptors.

With all these potential benefits, it is clear that CBD is the perfect camping buddy.

CBD and Camping – A Match Made in Cannabis Heaven

Getting out into nature could be just what you need to put the past year behind you. Start afresh by improving your camping experience and make it an enjoyable and relaxing trip you will remember for a very long time, with a little help from CBD.

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