Making Vaped Cannabis Sandwiches Without Cooking

Some already vaped bud (AVB)

One thing I find that many cannabis vapers are unaware of is that thanks to a process known as decarboxylation (which happens during vaping), you don’t need to cook already vaped bud because (AVB) it has been heated to a point in which the psychoactive compounds can easily be released. I really like saving my AVB to make edibles since they usually turn out strong and let me re-use cannabis, saving me money in the process. Cannabis and CBD edibles are proving to be extremely popular. Furthermore making edibles this way produces no smell (unlike cooking herb), making it great to do in places where you can’t have too much smell. This guide shows you how to make some tasty AVB sandwiches with your leftover ABV.

Compared to cooking cannabis in something, this process is incredibly simple and all you need is the following:

  • Bread (I prefer whole wheat, but any kind works)
  • Peanut Butter or Nutella
  • 3-8 grams of AVB

Firstly, spread your peanut butter or Nutella thickly over two pieces of bread. I prefer Nutella since it really masks the taste of the AVB and tastes delicious!

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Next, sprinkle anywhere between 2-5 grams of already vaped bud evenly on top of the Nutella on both sides of the bread. It usually takes a little bit of experimentation to see what the ideal amount of AVB is for you (also make sure to use more AVB if yours is dark brown), so be sure to experiment by starting out with lower quantities and work your way up if you’re new to edibles.

The trick is to try and put enough so that the AVB sticks to the Nutella but not too much. Sometimes I like to divide up a larger amount of AVB between two sandwiches depending on how strong I want the effects to be. Finally, stick each part of the bread together and enjoy your sandwich! It may taste a tad crunchy, but I really don’t mind it providing you use enough peanut butter or Nutella. If that doesn’t sound tempting check out our CBD chocolate range,

In my experience this method works very well, and if you use the right amount of AVB you should begin to feel a strong body high after about an hour. Of course, the advantage of making something like cannaoil  is that you can add it to a wide number of foods without having chunks of ABV inside. You can also make AVB pills, but I prefer this method since its super easy, quick, and allows you to ingest a large amount of AVB at once.

Also be careful when ingesting edibles (especially if it’s you’re first time), as they can be very potent and take you by surprise!

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