Mighty Vaporizer – Review

The Perfect Vape For Hardcore Vapers?

The Mighty Vaporizer is  really not  one for the faint-hearted as this powerful device is capable of producing extremely satisfying sessions for even the most hardcore vapers, which could be surprising due to its size.
There are so many great features to discover when you purchase this Storz & Bickel vaporizer, and here we share why we think it is such a great choice for those searching for something a bit special.

Vapor  production

The Mighty vaporizer heats your dry herb using a combination of conduction and convection heating methods which means that you get the best out of your session from the first draw that you take, and with a one-minute heating time you really wont be waiting long before you can start, and youll be pleased that you waited once it gets going!

Mighty Vaporizer

This device easy to use two-button system allows for precise temperature control so you can  heat  your herb to your desired temperature with no fuss, and its LED screen will show you both the current and target temperature, plus the battery life too.

Once your desired temperature has been reached the Mighty vaporizer will vibrate to let you know, and you can then expect it to produce  vapor  that is dense, aromatic, and pure. This dry herb vaporizer  is able to  create big clouds which is surprising due to its size and more what you would expect from a desktop vape, which is one of the reasons why the Mighty is for hardcore vapers.

You’ll also find that the  vapor  produced is very smooth due to the Mighty vaporizer cooling unit, and it  is capable of emitting  pure  vapor  at lower temperatures which is an uncommon feature in many other devices.

Want to vape concentrates instead? The Mighty vaporizer allows for this to with the addition of its handy liquid pad, so you can mix it up and have flexibility when it comes to what kind of material you would like to use.


We have already mentioned that the Mighty vaporizer has a very simple two button system which makes it extremely functional as you dont need to have a specific technique in order to get the best out of it. This dry herb vaporizer really is just like a desktop vaporizer without the cord and there is no need to stir it during a session due to is very efficient convection heating

The  Mighty  battery life is also impressive for a portable dry herb vaporizer, as it boasts a far longer battery life than many portable vapes when it has been fully charged. With full charge the Mighty vaporizer will last for around 90 minutes or 8 sessions, and if the battery dies you can use it while it is plugged  in  so you dont have to wait until you can use it again.

You can change the heat with the touch of a button and the Mighty will reach 204 degrees in around a minute if it has a charged battery. Plus, it doesnt overheat so you can load the oven again as soon as the previous one is finished without worrying about burning yourself, which is impressive as the device holds heat very well when in use.


Measuring 14 x 8 x 3cm with a weight of 230g, the Mighty is not the smallest of portable vaporizers but it will easily fit into a bag or a larger pocket, and it is very impressive that such a powerful device has been designed in such a small package.
Although this means that it is not the best option if you are hoping to be discreet, it is the perfect option for hardcore vapers who simply want a device that produces amazing  vapor  and can be easily transported unlike a desktop vape.


When you buy this  Storz & Bickel   vaporizer there are a number of extras that you will receive along with  your  vape.

You will be sent a power adapter, mouthpiece, liquid pad for concentrates, three normal screens, a cleaning brush, a filling aid, some spare seal rings, a Storz & Bickel grinder, and a user manual. This vaporizer also comes with a  two year  warranty so you can be confident when using it.
Mighty vaporizer accessories are also available and worth considering once you get to grips with this dry herb vaporizer and find what works best for you.

So, if you have been searching for a portable vaporizer that behaves like a  desktop  we truly believe that the Mighty vaporizer is the dry herb vaporizer for you. The Mighty vaporizer comes with an amazing heating system, unbeatable  vapor, excellent battery life, and plenty of accessories that will help you to make the most out of your vape sessions.

Before purchasing any Mighty vaporizer for sale, ensure it’s not a fake Mighty vaporizer. The best way to do this is to buy your Mighty vaporizer from a reputable and trusted seller. Online stores such as Namaste Vapes UK, Planet of the Vapes and Vape World to name but a few, are well-known vape retailers with large customer bases.

Lastly, make sure to price compare vaporizers and shop around as many of these sites will often run sales throughout the year.

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