MigVapor Khan Vaporizer – Review

If there is a dry herb vaporizer that exudes power, then it is The MigVapor Khan, a user-friendly device designed for intermediate users and beginners. Though it only has a single button, this device has modifiable vaporizing temperatures in the range of 302-464F, and it also has vibration feedback. A standard glass mouthpiece and a Pyrex bubbler are a part of the whole vaporizer package that guarantees an awesome experience.

What To Expect

First, when it comes to packaging and appearance, the Khan maintains the image and feel of a fab product, just like the Smok Priv N19. The vaporizer is packed together with a regular mouthpiece plus the bubbler mouthpiece, tweezers pair, a cleaning brush, alcohol tissues, charging cable and lastly the user manual.

The device is available in two colours you can choose from, you can have Red and Gold or Black and Silver. The body is fabricated from aerospace-grade aluminium and its quality is excellent.

How It Works

The Khan vaporizer functions as a conduction device that supports complete temperature regulation. On the top side, just under the mouthpiece, you have the oven that is ceramic coated which heats up in roughly 40 – 60s. It can hold up to 0.5 grams, which is the largest capacity in the industry (for its pocket-sized category).
One excellent feature of the Khan is the threaded metallic insert that the glass mouthpiece holds. This enables it to twist onto the body instead of being held into place using magnets or being press-fitted.

Also, the good news is you receive a free Pyrex glass bubbler in the package. This works perfectly to cool the vapour and to make the experience an enjoyable one. You only add water into it and inhale normally as you would from a regular glass mouthpiece.

A 2500mAh internal battery provides the power for this vaporizer. It is sufficient to cover more than 10, 5-minute binges on a single charge. The downside is, it takes two and a half hours to recharge.

How to use the Khan Dry Herb Vaporizer

For maximum utilisation of this device, you will require a grinder. Ensure that you do not overfill the chamber and utilize your preferred mouthpiece, either the bubbler or glass option.

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To switch on the MigVapor Khan Dry Herb Vaporizer just press the button consecutively five times. The alert light will flash a few times and then start to slowly turn red as the vaporizer gains heat. On the left display, you will read the current temperature and on the right section, you can view the target temperature. When the device attains the desired vaping temperature it will vibrate and the red light will turn green. If you new to vaping and you’re looking for a vape temperature guide VaporBlog has got you covered right here!

To set a particular temperature you must long-press the button for 3 seconds. Then slowly and periodically press the button to change the temperature in 1F bumps. To raise the temperature in 50F increases, press the button and keep it pressed down. When the temperature value approaches the desired value, shift to using small increments until you arrive at the temperature you want.

After heating for 5 minutes, the vaporizer will automatically switch off. Give it adequate time to cool down and also clean it between usage sessions to prolong its life.


Khan Vaporizer Performance

The MigVapor Khan Vaporizer is a superb mid-priced dry herb tool with pinpoint temperature regulation and outstanding battery life. The 0.5-gram oven is a perfect fit for 5-minute use and the vibration feature is a useful feedback tool. The free glass bubbler that you receive sweetens the deal offered based on the cost to performance ratio.

The biggest issue we discovered was with changing the temperature. The procedure is annoying and wearisome at times. Yes, one button simplifies the design, but having to increase the temperature to 464F from 320F using 1F button presses is just preposterous. This is aggravated when you press the button at a fast pace for 5 consecutive times leading to the vaporizer powering off.


To conclude yes you should buy the Khan Vaporizer! It’s not too expensive at just   £119.99. It is very similar to the Pax 3 Vaporizer in terms of quality. The Khan produces some great vapor which will satisfy even the most hardcore vape enthusiasts. There’s really not too many downfalls regarding the vape. It’s super easy to use which means its a really great vaporizer for beginners.

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