New CBD Infused-Gin Launches In The UK

Muhu Becomes The UK’s Latest CBD-Infused Gin

Created by Sally Wynter on a shoestring budget of just £1,300, Muhu becomes the latest CBD-infused gin to hit the UK market.

Both the CBD industry and gin industry have seen explosive growth in recent years, and Muhu looks set to capitalise on their popularity.

Beginners Guide to Everything CBD

Using organic hemp imported from Canada, Muhu looks to be primarily aimed at the millennial generation. This floral gin with it’s sweet hibiscus flavour infused with CBD is an exciting addition to an already crowded marketplace.

The UK is currently experiencing something of a “ginaissance” in recent years with more bottles of gin being sold than ever previously recorded. In 2018 more than 73 million bottles of the juniper based drink were sold.

What Is CBD?

CBD & Gin – A Match Made In Heaven?

In recent years the drinks industry has seen an explosion in alternative gin flavours being released on the market.

“I looked at the spirits market and despite gin acting as a catalyst for experimentation with flavours and colour, we havent seen anything truly innovative. Muhu is looking to branch away from the traditional, provenance driven brands,” Wynter said.

CBD-infused cocktails have become a popular trend within the UK, with more and more cocktail clubs offering a CBD-infused menu offering.

“CBD is something Ive been adding to my cocktails for the past year. It makes me feel more relaxed mentally, but also in my body and muscles,” Wynter added.

With gin producers constantly experimenting with various flavours, will we see more established gin companies adding CBD in the future?

Why The Name Muhu?

Muhu gin is named after a beach shack based on the west coast of Thailand. Wynter wanted to capture a sense of freedom she experienced during her time travelling across Asia after leaving school.

“I felt emboldened to be spontaneous, meet new people and indulge in new experiences it that free spiritedness that I wanted to capture in Muhu,” Wynter said.

The product label features a wave design with three different styles of printing finishes. The inclusion of green and purple are a nod to the inclusion of hibiscus and cannabis.

Where Is Muhu Gin Produced?

Muhu gin is made in the Midlands in the United Kingdom. The gin is due for release this month and is expected to be priced at £34.99 for a 50cl bottle. Free from added sugars and sweeteners, Muhu will hopefully be a great addition to the ever growing CBD industry.

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