Real Vs Fake Arizer Air: How To Spot The Differences

My real Arizer Air

For those of you who are unaware, the Arizer Air is one of my favourite portable vapes. Sleek, discreet, and able to produce a satisfying quantity of vapor, it’s no surprise that clones would inevitably pop up. However, there are also many counterfeit devices being packaged and sold as ‘real’ Arizer Airs, and this is something of concern. In the past, I’ve written an article detailing why to avoid purchasing cannabis vaporizers on Amazon, but you should also be wary of eBay resellers, as well as less reputable headshops. Aside from producing lower amounts of vapor, counterfeit vaporizers also have lower quality controls and use cheap parts, and this can result in a product which not only breaks quickly but potentially has a vapor path which exposes vapor to harmful emissions from internal components when things do go wrong. Recently, I came across this post on Reddit which highlights how you can tell the difference between real and fake Arizer Airs, and I’ve decided to share the information with readers here on CBD Village as the more awareness we can raise about spotting fake vapes, the better! I apologize for the quality of the comparison photos, but I’m using the Reddit pictures as I don’t have access to a counterfeit Air myself!

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The true  Air box on the left

The first main giveaway of a fake Arizer Air can easily  be seen while the unit is still in its box, making it a quick way to verify the authenticity of an Air based on a picture online. When the box is laying  upside down, the text on the side will be upside down on the fake box (the real box is on the left in the photo to the right). Keep in mind however that this  may be corrected on future box revisions, so it may not always be a reliable indicator of a fake!  A more obvious tell of a fake box can be seen when the boxes are laying on their sides. The fake box has a larger barcode and  electronic compliance symbols, and it doesn’t have a sticker which states the country of origin (which is Canada). You can see the difference between the real and fake box in the image below (the fake is on the bottom!).

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The real battery cap is on the left

After the box, the next thing to do is examine the unit itself, as there’s several differences between the real Air and fakes. Since its harder to fake quality control than it is boxes, I consider these to be more reliable tell when it comes to fakes, but also requires that you can see the unit outside of the box. The main tell here is that the fake Air has black buttons, whereas the real unit has silver ones. The heating chamber holes are also slightly smaller on the fake unit, but this is difficult to notice unless you’ve seen the real one. Finally, there should also be a quality control sticker attached to the real unit as well. The next series of things to look for involves the battery area. Firstly, when you remove the battery cap you should see an “RoHS” insignia, and the solder work should be clean if you have the real deal (see the photo to the right for the comparison). Secondly, there should be some text just above the battery slot on a real unit, fakes won’t have this.

Real on the left, fake on the right

In summary, these are some of the things that you should check for once your brand new vape arrives, just to make sure you have the real deal. To avoid getting stuck with a fake vape, my advice is to avoid going through eBay and purchase your vaporizer either directly from the manufacturer’s website, or use a reputable distributor. Also, if you’re ever in doubt about a unit being real or fake, always remember the old adage – If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is!

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