Review Of The SMOK Novo 2

The SMOK Novo 2 Review The SMOK Upgrade To Pod Vaping

SMOK has released the latest version of the SMOK Novo, but is this upgrade worth the new price tag? I have been experimenting with the Novo 2 for just over a week which has given me enough time to test the device out thoroughly just in time for the next in-depth review on compact pods. If you are interested in buying one of the latest pod devices, carry on reading to find out why you should seriously consider the Novo 2.

Novo 2 Vs Novo

First of all, we will compare the new vape to the original. Is it worth upgrading to the Novo 2 or should you stick with the Novo 1 if you have it already?

The Looks

When the original Novo was first released SMOK at this stage was still obsessed with their “cobra” pattern designs. There was a time-frame of about a year where just about all the latest designs from SMOK were all covered in lattice patterns. I do understand that brand designs should be unified, but in my opinion, I started getting bored with this look.

Novo 2 Rainbow

This is the reason why I am so excited about the reappearance of resin. The latest Novo 2 Pods are available in 7 stylish coloured resin patterns, in addition to an extremely fashionable Pollock-Esque 7 colour splatter design. The metal-alloy frames are also colour-matched to each of the resin designs. This latest pod is very similar in size to the first Novo, which makes it ideal to vape while you are on-the-go. The draw-activated firing, means there are no buttons on this device, except for the small LED light that displays the battery-life while in operation.

How The Novo 2 Operates

The Novo 2 is among the best pod devices when it comes to performance that I have tested in a long time. It comes with the same excellent coils that are featured in the Trinity Alpha and the Smok Nord, along with new coils that have undergone an update that is specific to the Novo 2. It appears that SMOK is rising above the competition when it comes to the pod device industry and has gone onto release several types of coils that match up to all types of vapers. From the 1.5Ω pods to the 0.8Ω pods, there is definitely something to suit every vaper. In fact, they have even launched the latest Dual Coil 1.4Ω pod. There have also been rumours about a Quartz coil pod dedicated to CBD concentrates and infused juices.


The battery life on the Novo 2 has also undergone improvements, and this device now comes with a built-in 800mAh internal battery. With this type of vaping power, you can expect the battery to last throughout the day, even for the veteran pod-vapers. It is also offered with an impressive 12-month warranty guarantee. There are not many other vape companies on the market that show this level of confidence when it comes to their range of products.

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Final Thoughts

If you are interested in trying out one of the latest pod devices, I believe Novo 2 is a worthwhile consideration for both veterans and new vapers. It could get added to our best portable vaporizer list of 2019 its that good. With the large 800mAH internal battery, it 2mL pod capacity, and the pod coils that are made to work very well with the nic salts, there are not many other pod devices on the market that are this sturdy and reliable. Keep in mind if you are not completely satisfied with this device, it is offered with an impressive 12-month warranty.

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