Texas and CBD – The Oil They Tried to Foil

In a move that for obvious reasons has gained widespread criticism from those in the CBD community, inspectors from the Texas Department of State Health Services could begin to confiscate any food or drink that contains CBD. The Texas health body has proposed a move that would begin a wide-scale crackdown on CBD. Access and availability of CBD would markedly decline and those found in possession of the chemical could face severe punishment.

Why Stop CBD?

The whole fiasco began in March when the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) drafted a plan that would effectively remove all CBD oil products from shelves. It doesnt seem to matter to the health services in Texas whether or not CBD actually contains any THC. THC is still listed as a controlled substance by the DEA and as such can no longer be used as a legal food supplement.

But it makes no sense because there are already laws in place in Texas that do not allow for the sale of CBD containing potent levels of the psychoactive component of marijuana, known as THC. It already a given that these things are prohibited. So why the need for enforcement of something that already being enforced?

“Buyer Beware”

Officially, the DSHS just believes many CBD products arent safe. But the Medical Cannabis Association of Texas (MCAT), which has been lobbying for the DSHS not to take action, is already of the same opinion. It is in agreement with DSHS that stricter controls and checks need to be in place to ensure only quality CBD is being consumed for medical benefits. As it stands there is currently a buyer beware state of affairs around CBD. But many of the companies and products that have been checked by independent labs have been found to be exactly what they say on the label.

CBD oil and cannabis leaves

Patients Left Without Care

While they are in agreement that sellers and suppliers need to be more accountable and held to a higher standard, the MCAT objects to the ban on sales of CBD to patients in Texas. There are many in Texas who rely on CBD for their respective illnesses and with few other options, they will now be left with nowhere to go. As the MCAT puts it, this is a huge disservice to the people of Texas.

Online Implementation

Of course, we live in a world where everything is just a couple of clicks away. Many have pointed out how difficult it may be to prohibit the acquisition of CBD products by purchasing them online. So far there have been no specific regulations against the sale and purchasing of CBD online from out-of-state companies and suppliers. Essentially, it seems that the DSHS hasnt thought this true very well.

CBD, Texas

Naturally, there are many in Texas who feel that this move is premature and will not have positive effects for those in need of CBD treatment. Elizabeth Nichols who heads up the Texas Cannabis Industry Association questions whether this is the correct course at all. As she puts it, Texans have been using CBD safely for some time now and should be allowed to continue doing so. In her opinion, this decision will only set Texas years behind the rest of both the country and the world in all matters relating to the growing hemp and CBD industry. We here at CBD Village have say we agree wholeheartedly.

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