Texas Edge Closer To Legalising Hemp & CBD

Make American Hemp Great Again –  CBD Legislation Moves Closer In Texas & Iowa

The bill to legalize hemp and CBD products in Texas, US has passed its final hurdle with the state unanimously approving a hemp legalization bill on Thursday.

Make America Hemp great again was the logo on stetson hats and baseball caps outside Senate yesterday in anticipation of the green signal for legislature.

The ultimate decision now rests upon the House lawmakers who can either agree or disagree to the amendments made by the Senate to the bill

Will Hemp CBD Be Legal In Texas?

What are the possibilities? The bill will go straight to the desk of Governor Greg Abbott for his signature or it will be vetoed if the House agrees to the same.

Alternatively, it could be on hold as negotiators are named by both the chambers for hashing out differences and ultimately signing off the deal. Optimism abounds that Abbott will sign the bill and give it the recognition of a proper legislature in upcoming days.

Top Five Celebrities  Supporting  Legalization    

Clarity For Hemp Farmers In Texas

The bill would clarify Texas law and allow farmers to grow hemp.

HB 1325 would also clear up confusion for consumers – who can buy CBD oil right now across the state, even though many Texas law enforcement officials insist it remains illegal.

(HB 1325 is a right-to-farm legislation that will allow Texas farmers the opportunity to cultivate a drought-resistant cash crop – that being hemp)

Hemp has been removed by the federal government from its list of controlled substances and a similar move was replicated in Texas last month.

Unlike the 42 other states, Texas has not opted for industrial hemp production. Herein lies the issue and grey area.

Products having any form of THC content are still deemed to be illegal in Texas as the state law has defined both hemp and marijuana in similar lines. The only exception to this general philosophy happens when hemp or marijuana is used in accordance with the state medical cannabis laws. Controversy has been rife surrounding CBD in the state of Texas.

What To Expect Next With CBD In Texas

A federally-approved system is expected to be set up by the King bill for Texas farmers so that they can grow hemp as a crop. This will include procedures of sampling, testing, and inspection.

All hemp or hemp-derived products having less than 0.3% THC content will also receive the green signal of being legally purchased in Texas. CBD (cannabidiol) will receive a legal standing once the bill turns into law and provided it contains a low level of THC.

No More Legal Ambiguity Surrounding Hemp & CBD In Texas

There was so much legal ambiguity surrounding CBD oil in Texas that the bill in question will greatly help all stakeholders in the CBD oil sector.

Once this bill becomes solid law, it will mark a meaningful change in hemp and marijuana legislation for Texas. This particular bill could well mark the beginning of a paradigm change in the cannabis industry.

Can hemp be great again?

Yes, it can.

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