The 3 Best CBD E-Liquid Brands In The UK

CBD Vape Oil in the UK

People are now spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing what’s the best CBD vape oil in the UK with an ever-growing number of both online and brick and mortar CBD stores opening every day.

Vaping CBD oil, in particular, has become incredibly popular offering a quick and efficient method of absorbing CBD into our bloodstream with one of the highest rates of bioavailability on the market.

Best CBD E-Liquid UK – Which Brand Is King?

But with so many brands out there, how can people tell the difference between a high quality CBD brand and an inferior one? Which hemp and CBD vape oil is the UK favourite and what qualities does it need to have to remain at the top?

As a nation with instant information at our fingertips, we are quickly becoming more streetwise in what to look for in a CBD product and will not suffer fools gladly.

We want a quality product with a third party lab analysis certificate proving it contains exactly what it says it on the bottle, all at a fair price.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the UK favourite CBD vape oil products on the CBD market today. None of which are psychoactive, nor contain any nicotine.

Is This Luxury Cannabis Brand The Hermès of CBD?

Canavape Complete CBD & Terpene E-Liquid (1st Place)

Best CBD E Liquid UK

Canavape was the first manufacturer to offer CBD vape liquid, along with their CBD vape pens, to the UK and European market. Being first to market in 2014 afforded this London-based company ample time to develop the highest quality vape oil on the market.

CanaVape CBD & CBG E-Liquids – Tried and Tested

Canavape Complete CBD contains not only cannabidiol but also Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabidivarin (CBDv) as well as a host of natural plant-derived terpenes.

CBG is a phytocannabinoid like cannabidiol but is a minor one accounting for less than 1% of the plant. Like CBD it is non-psychoactive and offers so much medicinal promise. CBG has been shown in studies to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

CBDv is a homolog of CBD meaning it is similar in chemical structure. Like cannabidiol, it is non-psychoactive and has been shown to have potential as an anticonvulsant and for reducing nausea.

CBD itself is, of course, the major compound shown to have numerous benefits contributing to the balance of health (homeostasis).

Terpenes are natural fragrances found in all plants, responsible for unique smells and flavours. They are believed to work synergistically with CBD and the other compounds.

Canavape Complete CBD offers much greater capacity for more potent effects as it contains both phytocannabinoids and terpenes which together bring about the Entourage Effect.

The Entourage Effect is the theory that the sum of the whole is better than the parts as theorised by world-leading CBD scientist Dr Raphael Mechoulam.
It is believed this synergistic effect enhances the beneficial effects of CBD.

Canavape Complete is available in a host of flavours thanks to the infusion of natural terpenes. Everything from Sour Diesel, White Widow, Kolo Kush, Super Sour Haze and Granddaddy Purple.

Each unique flavour and taste gives you a highly enjoyable vaping experience every time.

What we also love about Canavape CBD vape oil is their inclusivity, marketing their superior product at a price that everyone will love.

Canavape contains a 70:30 Propylene Glycol Ratio to Vegetable Glycerin (VG) ratio.

CBD Village is proud to be in the position to have a wide range of Canavape products at two different strengths, both available in a multitude of tasty flavours. It is for sure one of the best CBD vape liquids brands in the UK.

Provacan CBD E-Liquid (2nd Place)

Best E-Liquid Provacan

Vaping enthusiasts who love Provacan will be surprised that it did not take the number one spot and to be fair it was exceptionally close.

Provacan works with world-leading cbd and cannabis researchers in Israel and together using organically certified hemp produce one of the highest quality CBD vape oil in the world.

Provacan CBD vape oil is full-spectrum, meaning it contains ALL of the hemp phytocannabinoids including CBD, CBG and CBDv.
There is only a negligible, trace amount of THC (0.03%), so minute that it is impossible to get any psychoactive effects from.

Provacan offer third-party lab-tested CBD vape oil, giving you assurance and peace of mind as to the quality, safety and purity of their products.

Provacan CBD vape oil can be vaped on its own or mixed with other CBD e-liquids.

Provacan contains 80:20 Vegetable Glycerin (VG) to Propylene Glycol Ratio
At present Provacan only offer one e-liquid product in two different strengths and we hope to see a wider selection in the future which could nudge it into first place. We will of course update our best CBD in the UK oil reviews page when needed.

Harmony CBD E-Liquid (3rd Place)

Harmony OG kush

Harmony is a fantastic CBD business that lives and breathes CBD oils.

Founded in 2008 by Anthony Cohen, Harmony offers quality CBD e-liquids that has been lab-tested to ensure quality and consistency.

Harmony e-liquid combines European derived quality hemp along with natural terpenes to produce CBD vape oil with a multitude of fantastic flavours.

Like Canavape, Harmony offers its products at similarly low prices.

Harmony could have occupied a higher spot but fell short as their e-liquids contain only CBD and terpenes.

If future products were to contain more phytocannabinoids they will certainly be contesting for the crown.

It contains a 80:20 Propylene Glycol Ratio to Vegetable Glycerin (VG) ratio.

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