The Best 3 JUUL Alternatives On The Market

JUUL alternatives is one of the most search terms on the internet this year. JUUL is one of the latest e-cigarettes that a lot of people are talking about, yet why do so many vapers not like them? You can find JUULs just about anywhere these days. They also represent around 75% of the overall market share.

JUUL pod-based e-cigarettes are not like large box-mod devices. Instead, they are discreet and small, and easy to carry around in a pocket or purse. They are also stylish and classy, and without any buttons, they are simple to use. In fact, even your grandmother who might battle with operating a smartphone should be able to easily use one.

Juul Pods

The JUUL pods use nicotine salts and they do not produce large vapor clouds, which offers a smooth vaping experience that can be compared to smoking cigarettes. People also enjoy the ability to purchase these pods in general stores and gas stations, rather than only in a vape shop. Yet there are a number of problems with the JUUL devices, and to start with this includes the price for the JUUL Pods. This is the main reason why many vapers are in search of a decent alternative.

About The Smok Novo 2

The SMOK Novo 2 may look very similar to the JUUL, but it outperforms in all aspects. The reboot to the Novo which was among the more popular of these products in 2019, this latest version has improved in just about every way. The Novo 2 is heavier and wider than the JUUL, as well as shorter. It is just as discreet as the JUUL, so dont allow this to deter you. In addition, there are many reasons as to why the JUUL is regarded as a killer. The Novo 2 feature an 800mAh battery which offers a capacity that is 4 times more in comparison to the JUUL. The wattage range is also a lot wider. The JUUL offers a weak 6.5W to 9W, while the Novo 2 is able to fire from 6 to 25W. This ultimately translates into that the Novo 2 is optimised perfectly to provide you with a longer and better vaping experience.

Smok novo vape pod starter kit pink

When drawing on a Novo 2, the bright LED light will shine and indicate the amount of charge left in the battery. Rather than just flashing as the power starts to get low, you will know the charge you have left after every puff.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing an alternative to the JUUL is that you are no longer stuck with the limited options in flavours. The Novo 2 allows you to purchase pre-filled pods, and they are easy to refill when your vape juices start to run low. You have the choice in 3 new SMOK Novo 2 Pods or the original standard replacement Novo Pods. All the Novo Pods come with a 2ml capacity, which is far better when compared to the small 0.7ml that the JUUL pods offer.

This device offers a longer-lasting battery, a larger capacity for your vape juices, and more flavours to choose from. So go out there and buy some 50mg salt nicotine juice (which is what the JUUL Pods use) and a SMOK Novo 2, and we are very sure you will enjoy it as we did. Once you have purchased your SMOK Novo 2, please come back to inform us how you think it compares to the JUUL.

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The Pros:

• Extremely stealthy

• The battery capacity is 4 times better than the JUUL

• Simple to use

• Switch flavours instantly with a different pod

• Battery-level indicator light

• Close to 3 times more juice capacity

• A wide range of nicotine salt flavours to choose from

• Draws activate the device

• Pre-filled pods available

The Cons:

• The refilling slot is slightly small

• The juice levels are not easy to see

About The SMOK Infinix

The SMOK Infinix Pod system is slim and lean and this device only weighs 2 grams, yet it is a lot more powerful than it actually looks. The Infinix feels and looks similar to the JUUL, but it also has larger pods and a larger battery. The draws are tight and can be compared to smoking a cigarette, which makes it a good option for those trying to ditch the tobacco habit. Yet the stand out feature about the Infinix would be how cost-effective this device is. The starter kit comes with 2 Fit Pods, which is a lot cheaper when compared to the JUUL. The Smok Priv N19 is also an incredible piece of equipment you should look into if the Infinix doesn’t do it for you. Either one would be a great  JUUL alternative.

Smok Infinix Kit | CBD Village

The Pros:

• It looks similar to the JUUL but works a lot better

• Easy to use

• Super stealthy and lightweight

• Great battery life

• Switch flavours instantly with a different pod

• Lots of great nicotine salt flavours to choose from

The Cons:

• The battery life is not the biggest when compared to others on this list

• The Pods are slightly leaky in comparison to the Novo 2 Pods

• Refilling is slightly annoying

About The Mi-Pod

This is another version of the tiny pod vapes and a very good JUUL alternative. If you’re like me you seen this vape and immediately thought about the HipVap Vaporizer. Yet it offers vape production and power that rivals some of the much bigger box-mod devices like the Innokin EZ Watt. It is compact enough to carry on a lanyard, with many vapers that are very surprised to find out that the Mi-Pod offers a 950mAh high-drain internal battery. In addition, it offers the very best airflow we have ever seen on pod systems. It provides the user with the capabilities to hit those mouth-to-lung vapes, along with direct, big and airy lung vapes. The Mi-Pod cartridges feature a 2ml capacity and they are easy to refill. In addition to all these fantastic features, this pod is very attractive and comes in a variety of colourways.

Mi Pod Vape Kit 950mAh Battery 2ml MIPod Cartridge | CBD Village

The Pros:

• Extremely stealthy and compact

• The pods are leak-free

• Unique look

• Easy to refill

• Great battery life

The Cons:

• The vape can get a bit warm

• The feel and the look does not appeal to everyone


So there you have it. If you don’t want to be seen with a Juul in your hand you can choose from any of the brilliant vaporizers above. You won’t be disappointed when you purchase any of them!

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