The Best CBD Cookies in the UK

Cookies are an all-time favourite snack in the UK and everywhere in the world. Often crumbly, chewy, or crunchy in texture – chips optional – the sweet delicacy is often produced by many cookery brands and recipe books alike. Generally, they are considered a reliable and easy treat to replicate or to find pre-made – as are CBD cookies.

Sweet treats and CBD products are quickly becoming a pair that many of us are seeing on the shelves and online today. As CBD grows in popularity, so does the varying ways in which it can be enjoyed in our diets. Hemp can be found in delicious edibles like gummies, lollipops, or brownies – even as a spread like honey and butter.

Now, we’ve been blessed with delicious CBD cookies.

Are CBD Cookies Suitable for Me?

CBD is quickly becoming the UK’s favourite way to unwind and find peace from daily stressors or bodily aches and pains. Leading brands are constantly developing new CBD sought-after products, such as tinctures, oils, balms, cigarettes, vapes, gummies, and even skincare. So, you could be on the search to try out some of the best CBD products, but unsure which to try.

CBD cookies could be exemplary for you if you prefer not to smoke or generally don’t like the taste of direct CBD oils. Sometimes, CBD edibles tend to mask the natural flavours of CBD by adding additional ingredients, and production methods play a role. Through our involvement in the industry, we’ve found that the raw taste just simply doesn’t suit some – but that’s okay, as CBD cookies are now an option.

Can CBD Cookies Get You High?

Simply put – no. As CBD cookies contain trace amounts of THC (no more than the legal 1 mg per product), they cannot get you high. It’s important to remember that CBD affects each individual differently, and may have more of a calming effect on others. However, this does not mean that you are experiencing a ‘high” that is intoxicating or psychoactive.

If you are curious about trying CBD cookies, make sure you follow the brand’s guidelines on the daily dosage. Although tempting, these cookies are not intended to binge on like some regular cookie brands. If you are a CBD newbie, you could even try half a cookie to start and monitor your tolerance.

How to Choose the Best Brand for CBD Cookies?

With the demand for CBD edibles rising, a lot of brands are jumping on the CBD cookie bandwagon. It’s not too difficult to know that cookies are simply tasty and easy to eat. However, choosing the right brand can be a little less obvious.

We’ve compiled a list of questions you may want to ask yourself in order to choose the right cookie brand for you. Consider these scenarios;

  • Is the sugar content important to me?
  • Do I have any food intolerances or dietary requirements?
  • Are the brand’s guidelines clear on the CBD present?
  • Is the brand offering a variety of flavours for the price?
  • Do I want to choose a vegan and/or vegetarian option?
  • What is the shelf life? (yes, they can go out of date.)

The Best CBD Cookies in the UK

You don’t want to miss out on these delicious CBD cookies!

Euphoria Cannabis Cookies with CBD – £5.00 – £8.50

  • Made using pure CBD hemp pomace and hemp seed.
  • Has a chocolatey, cacao flavour.
  • A tasty cereal style biscuit.
  • Low price point for 110 g.
  • 18 month shelf-life.

To note:

  • Contains sugar, 37.4 g per 100 g.
  • May contain traces of nuts.
  • Not vegan, containing skimmed milk powder.
  • Doesn’t specify how much CBD in each cookie.

Euphoria cookies offer an alternative to consuming CBD in small compact cookies with a cacao biscuity flavour. As a cereal biscuit, they are perfect for the morning or during the day when you need a little solace. The cookies come neatly stacked in a small jar encased in paper for added freshness.

We think Euphoria cookies are a perfect option for a CBD treat, as a tasty way to consume the cannabinoid for relaxation. However, as they come in a jar, they may not be the best travel companion. We suggest wrapping your cookie in some kitchen towel and popping it into your bag before heading out for the day, always keeping it out of direct sunlight.

Although we mentioned the sugar content as a cautionary, it’s important to remember that these cookies are not intended for overconsumption. Meaning, you should only eat one to two cookies per day. If you are at all concerned about CBD cookies interfering with your regular diet, remember, you will get a very low percentage of sugar from the recommended dose.

Buy these CBD cookies online here and check out the other Euphoria cookies

Naturecan CBD Double Chocolate Orange Cookie – £2.60 – £26.45


  • Made using broad-spectrum CBD oil.
  • Cookies come with the added power of protein.
  • Delicious double chocolate chip and orange flavour.
  • Comes individually packed and in packs of 20.
  • 0% THC.
  • 100% vegan.
  • Third-party lab tested with available COA on our website.

To note:

  • 25 mg CBD per 60 g.
  • Not suitable for pregnant or lactating women.
  • May contain traces of nuts.
  • Not gluten-free containing flour.

Naturecan has a completely unique CBD cookie option that takes the angle of energising with combinations of soy protein, pea protein, and hydrolysed wheat protein. They are the perfect companion for an early morning snack, or even after the gym. Neatly packed in an individual wrapper, the cookies offer a very practical way to get your daily dose of CBD.

What we love most about Naturecan is its promise of quality ingredients. Taking a healthier approach to cookies, the brand uses only brown sugar and natural oat syrup. They also use quality ingredients, such as coconut oil and olive oil, with a rich natural orange flavouring.

Although the recommended dose is no more than two CBD cookies per day – we think this will be a little hard to stick to!

Buy these CBD cookies online here and check out the other Naturecan edibles.

Euphoria Cannabis Protein Super Bar – £2.70


  • Healthy bar containing 10% natural hemp seeds.
  • Packed with added protein.
  • Excellent value for money with 24 bars per box.
  • A tasty peanut and dark chocolate flavour.
  • Comes in two additional flavours; cocoa or apple flavour.

To note:

  • Contains peanuts.
  • High in calories.
  • Shorter shelf life of 9 months.

This protein super bar is exactly that – a super bar. For those of us who love to gym and workout, this option packs a punch to help you through the day. Euphoria is proud of this bar for being a healthy option in your routine that adds to a balanced lifestyle.

We love this bar for its nutritional elements and ease of use. With the added benefits of hemp, this protein bar is a strong contender against most regular protein bars.

Although this one is a little different to cookies, it is still a similar option to enjoying CBD in the form of baked goods. No more than one bar is recommended for consumption per day – as the adverse may induce a laxative effect.

Buy this CBD cookie bar online here.

Ready to Try?

They all sound tempting and offer a reliable way to enjoy some CBD in your day. We think so – and should you choose to give CBD cookies a go, there are a few things you should remember.

Always choose brands that fall in line with your dietary requirements to avoid any disappointment – while also being careful not to overindulge in your new favourite cookie. The label should clearly state the brand’s CBD source and never miscommunicate if the product is vegan friendly, gluten-free, or nut-free.

We love CBD cookies as part of our daily routine, either enjoying them alone or with a cup of tea or coffee. Should you be curious about CBD, but not interested in some other CBD edibles, then cookies might be the right option for you.

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