The Best CBD Honey Brands in the UK

Honey is a cupboard staple found in many food-loving UK households. If you find honey as delicious as we do, you’ve more than likely tried it in a warm bowl of porridge, in your hot tea, or spread on golden toast in the morning topped with some fruits. Used both for taste and general wellbeing, CBD honey is a great addition to any plant-based nutritional lifestyle.

For good reason, CBD is finding its way into many food-based products and recipes that are well worth trying. Edible products such as CBD gummies, infused teas and coffees, or cookies and other baked goods are constantly being developed to suit the specific needs of the consumer. With that, this sweet and sticky substance is now a versatile option for enjoying some CBD in everyday life.

Importantly, CBD-infused honey is a little different, and not to be confused with honey made from the pollen of the hemp plant. CBD honey is just that, a CBD/hemp-infused honey that promises taste, flexibility, and effectiveness.

Before we get too carried away and decide to take an earlier lunch – we’d like to cover the ins and outs of the effect of honey and CBD – and take a look at the best options out there.

A Sweet Tooth for CBD 

If you’ve ever looked into CBD honey before, you may find that the possibilities are endless. CBD infused honey can be produced in a number of ways. For those of us craving a healthy sweet fix or a calming moment, we can find the honey made in jars, sticks, lozenges, and liquid forms such as drops.

In today’s modern world, CBD is a huge player in offering some much-needed properties, such as helping to handle daily stress or contributing some relief to everyday aches and pains. Particularly, that’s why CBD honey-infused products are so noteworthy, as they can become a trusted source of peace while also being a tasty treat.

You can use these CBD honey remedies as a regular sugar substitute in many favourite drinks and meals, like chai tea or an energising coffee. Especially in recipes that require a sweet kick, like hot chocolates, baked goods, or even cocktails. However, the CBD contender is not only added to a recipe but can be enjoyed on its own to provide some solace in the day.

Essentially, each CBD honey-infused goodie is intended to be used in different ways depending on the brand, the type of product, and CBD strength present. The competition is continuously rising, so it’s only suiting to compare some of the leading brands.

The Best CBD Honey UK Brands

Here are a range of CBD honey products in the UK we know you’ll love.

Mood and Bears CBD Honey – £29.60

Why we love Mood and Bears:

  • 1000 mg full-spectrum CBD oil.
  • Jar contains 0% THC.
  • A generous portion of 340 grams per honey jar.
  • So many delicious flavours to choose from.

We truly love Mood and Bears for their unique and earthy flavours of CBD honey. Whether you’re looking to explore an evening of baking or simply enjoy a spoonful, you can be sure that this brand will deliver on flavour and quality.

The honey goodness comes packed into a glass jar that blends in perfectly with your other kitchen cupboard essentials. Just grab a teaspoon and dollop onto toast, or use how you like up to two times a day to get the ultimate properties of honey.

Its only slight downfall is that the jar is not the best option for travelling. But, that isn’t a deal-breaker, as there are many solutions to this. You could transfer the honey to a more suitable container for ease of use, should you choose to pack it in your bag.

This versatile honey product comes in six different flavours;

  • Energy with flavours of lime.
  • Sleep with healing honeydew.
  • Positivity with the naturally sweet nectar of acacia flowers.
  • Happiness flavoured with orange blossom flowers.
  • Relaxation combined with aromatic lavender pollen.
  • Peace combined with the natural nectar of eucalyptus.

Buy this CBD honey here.

Ion Pure CBD Honey – £13.68

Why we love Ion Pure:

  • 100 mg pure CBD.
  • A slightly smaller jar of 40 ml that’s perfect for on the go natural honey.
  • Mild caramel flavour with a fruity aftertaste.

Ion Pure provides a conveniently packed CBD honey jar that’s handy for a day of travelling. Should you need to pop some honey into your tea or coffee, this jar is the perfect solution and can pop straight into your bag or jacket pocket.

As it’s much smaller and has less CBD strength, we find it’s generally easy to pour the honey straight from the jar – using a twisting motion to stop the pour, with no need to dirty a spoon. Of course, take caution not to overindulge too soon on this one, as each individual’s tolerance differs. We suggest starting off easy and trying out one to two spoonfuls twice daily.

Buy this CBD honey here.

Just CBD Original Honey Sticks – £65.50

Why we love Just CBD:

  • Pack contains 100 CBD infused sticks at 10 mg per stick.
  • Handy to eat on-the-go CBD edible raw honey.
  • Don’t want to bring the whole jar? The sticks can also be kept loosely in your bag until you’re ready to open them.
  • Easily accessible COA (certificate of analysis) available on our website.

Just CBD offers a premium product of CBD honey sticks that we can get behind due to its practicality. If the idea of loose honey puts you off a little, then CBD-infused honey sticks are the way forward. Forget about creating a sticky mess with a spoon or having to measure out exactly what you need.

You may have noticed the higher price difference between this product compared to the previously mentioned jars. We believe this is due to the brand’s promise of the inclusion of grade A US honey. As with many honey products, you will encounter slight increases in prices due to the honey grade.

CBD honey sticks are incredibly easy to use. Simply bite off the top of the stick and allow the honey to drip into your desired drink or directly into your mouth. Better yet, CBD honey sticks almost identically resemble straws in appearance and use. Use your honey stick as an actual straw to soak up your favourite drink.

Buy this CBD honey here.

Can I Use CBD Honey on My Skin?

As a great addition, CBD honey can be used for a general wellness routine by being applied directly to the skin as a natural process. However, that’s not to say that you should slather the above-mentioned brands onto areas of the skin as you please. Instead, you should look to a brand that promises to deliver the goods in the correct formulation.

Honey Heaven CBD Hemp Balm – £33.60

Why we love Honey Heaven:

  • Balm includes organic virgin hemp oil infused with organic beeswax.
  • Added benefits of coconut oil and vitamin E.
  • 500 mg CO2 extracted CBD and pure CBD distillate extract.
  • Versatile product that can be reapplied as needed.
  • COA is available on our website.

This non-greasy balm is the perfect companion to apply to areas of the body to encourage a feeling of calm. Honey Heaven trusts in the science of the skin’s endocannabinoid receptors being penetrated to help manage general stress and symptoms related to pain. Its antibacterial properties make it a great addition to your CBD collection.

Furthermore, the brand argues that a topical CBD honey product may be absorbed better by the body – as it does not need to go through the digestive system. This may give you faster results and a convenient way to enjoy CBD, perfect for going about your busy day. The balm can be applied to pressure points such as the neck, wrists, forehead, and temples.

However, should you choose a balm over an edible, it is important to remember that the balm is exactly that – inedible. To get the best of both worlds, you may prefer to opt for a jar of honey or some honey sticks. The choice is up to you.

Buy this CBD honey balm here.

A Sweet Note

For years, research shows that honey from the honey bee has been used as a natural antiseptic for general wounds. As a mother-earth-giving healing source, honey may provide some assistance to our overall health both as a food option and as an antibacterial ointment. Especially now, when we can enjoy the added benefits of CBD in this everyday household staple.

Whatever way you choose to enjoy some CBD honey, we recommend you always check the specifics of the brand’s manufacturing label for advised doses and purity evidence. This is especially true if you are new to CBD infused supplements, such as edibles or topicals. Therefore, starting slow is always a general rule of thumb.

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