The Best UK CBD Chocolate

Heard about chocolates that are sweet without being nauseating? And ones that can calm and soothe your senses without giving you a high? CBD chocolate, an edible variant of CBD, can do this for you.

Chocolate release serotonin into the bloodstream. Which then results in a happy feeling. Combined with the therapeutic power of CBD (Cannabidiol), CBD Village’s curated selection of CBD chocolates can satisfy your anxious sweet tooth.

Chocolates melt and taste differently based on their shapes. Hence, our collection features chocolates in varying shapes, sizes, and (CBD) strengths — to satisfy varying preferences.

What is CBD chocolate?

To keep things simple, CBD chocolates are the delightful, balanced marriage between chocolate and CBD Oil. These delicious treats allow you to:

  • Eat chocolates in a nutritious way


  • Intake CBD in a way that gratifies your sweet tooth as well.

CBD Village is all about delivering high quality, authentic CBD products to our audience. Keeping that in mind, you can find our Cannabidiol chocolates to cater to all package claims, ensuring quality and satisfaction.

For newbies, these white/brown bars, cookies and protein shakes are a tasty introduction to CBD. For the experienced ones, they are still a pleasure to revel on.   Particularly, it enables them to avoid the stigmatic looks they incur while vaping or smoking CBD.

Why CBD in Chocolate?

CBD chocolates have many benefits.

Firstly, the infusion of Cannabidiol in chocolate renders moot the former’s earthy taste. Hence, you will be consuming these chocolates in their original sweet taste.

Secondly, chocolate, by itself is an endower of pleasure. People consume chocolate to bust stress and feel energised. Infusing CBD doubles up this effect thanks to its deep calming effect.

Besides, has anyone frowned at you for consuming chocolate in a bus or any public place? Definitely not! However, vaping or smoking CBD is sometimes frowned upon.

Cannabidiol-infused chocolates offer a non-stigmatised way to continue your CBD regimen without much fuss.

How is CBD chocolate made?

Our products are sourced from reputed brands who have their own super-secret recipe for the fine chocolates they make. Some tout their handmade process while others bank on their organic, vegan-friendly ingredients marking their eco-friendly nature.

Regardless of how they make their chocolate, they finally add CBD oil concentrate.

Based on the extracts they contain, CBD chocolates are classified into:

Full-spectrum chocolate: These chocolates contain CBD extracts manufactured by a slightly intensive extraction process. Hence, they have a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes in them striking a fine balance between delicious and nutritious.

Broad-spectrum chocolate: These chocolates contain broad-spectrum CBD (CBD and terpenes without the psychoactive THC), thus undergo a quicker extraction process. To be frank, some of the goodness is lost along the way. Still, thanks to CBD, they provide you with all the therapeutic benefits and are cost-effective.

Is CBD chocolate legal in the UK?

In short, yes CBD chocolates are legal.

CBD chocolates are legal in the UK, EU and the US provided they contain THC levels under permitted limits. Any company that exceeds the constraint, incurs severe penalties.

Are CBD Chocolates Safe?

The FDA, EU and the UK government have declared that CBD can be extracted from hemp and sold. Thus, Hemp plant products are more than just safe– they endow relaxation and therapeutic benefits in whichever form you consume.

Over the past decade, research interest on CBD has risen. Researchers have found associations, correlations between ailments and CBD and have exhumed a wide array of CBD benefits as well. Some of them are:

  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Improved Cardiovascular Health
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Alleviated Acne
  • Effective Treatment For Epilepsy
  • Improved Sleep

The products on CBD Village are curated by an expert team who source them from reputed brands to deliver the best CBD chocolates in the UK. Thus, you can be assured of their safety.

Do The Chocolates Contain THC & Will I Feel High?

THC is the psychoactive component that causes the marijuana-like high. As mentioned above, CBD products that contain an illegal amount of THC cannot be sold.

Endeavouring to be the voice of the CBD market, CBD Village is fully aware of this constraint when sourcing CBD products. None of the products we sell contains more than 0.2% of THC.

Thus, they cannot cause you any high. This is why our sensibly curated products are a great alternative for those seeking an escape from THC.

Can I fail a drug test by eating full-spectrum CBD Chocolate?

Anecdotal claims do point out to a trend where people fail drug tests after using poor quality CBD products.

Poor quality CBD products are characterised by the following:

  • Products that aren’t backed by authentic lab reports
  • Contain vastly inaccurate product claims
  • Products that don’t say where they are made

Our high-quality assortment of CBD chocolates cannot make you fail a drug test. However, we recommend you to use your own vice.

Does CBD Infused Chocolate Taste Different?

CBD oils do have the infamy of having an earthy flavour. However, the brands we promote do a fine job in balancing the mildly sweet and aromatic cocoa butter with CBD. This holds true for both our milk or dark chocolate variants.

Therefore, most of our products don’t taste different.

Although most consumers don’t notice, some cost-efficient brands have a slightly different taste.

Are Cannabidiol Chocolates Safe For Kids?

CBD is practically safe for children. CBD gummies and liquids are being prescribed by the medical community for kids.

However, one concern is that it is difficult to control the strength of CBD when administering them.

Especially, at CBD Village, products carry high levels of cannabidiol. Hence, we do not recommend our products for children.

How Will Cannabidiol Chocolate Make Me Feel?

Have you listened to smooth jazz or ambient music to wind down after a hectic day? All of our chocolates blend and balance sweetness and relaxation to achieve this effect.

You are ensured of all soothing experience that CBD puts in the offing when you consume our Cannabidiol chocolates.

Can I Take Too Much CBD?

There are no scientific accounts of users reporting severe effects from consuming too much CBD. Hence, you are assured that this won’t be the case for you.

Is CBD Infused Chocolate Dairy-Free and Vegan-Friendly?

This varies with each brand and product. Some brands gloat over their dairy-free and vegan-friendly way of manufacturing.

CBD Village prides itself on aligning to certain principles to create a healthy CBD economy, science and economy. If you are a person of principles too, check each product and ensure their contents align with your vegan values as well.

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