The Canna Blast Vaporizer Pen Review

The Canna Blast vaporizer pen is a powerful, slim, vape pen, designed to be used with CBD oil and other premium, highly viscous, thick, concentrate oils.

Migvapor, creators of the Dray dry herb vaporizers, have built a slick and stylish oil pen that is not only aesthetically pleasing but is highly discreet given it is identical in appearance to a typical e-liquid pen.

The first thing you notice about this pen is that it is longer than most vape pens. The reason for this is because most pens contain a 180mAh battery but the Canna Blast contains an extra powerful 380mAh battery.

This larger more powerful battery means longer vaping life and less charging, ideal for someone who needs to bring it outdoors, walking, or to work.

Canna Blast Vaporizer Pen
Canna Blast Vaporizer Pen

The Canna Blast is durable because it is made from 316th medical grade stainless steel, has a pyrex glass chamber, and a ceramic mouthpiece.

Inside the chamber is where performance is driven with its 1.2 OHM patented ceramic coil system which heats the oil quickly and efficiently, leaving nothing behind.

The vapour produced by the Canna Blast was tasty and gave off some decent clouds. It was quite smooth and surprisingly cool for a pen in this price range.

The ceramic mouthpiece is double sealed which helps keep the heat in the device and not move to your lips.

The Canna Blast also outsmarts many of its competitors because the battery pumps out 4.2 volts of power compared to standard pens 3.6v.

This power plus the Canna Blast regulator allows it to provide constant strong draws compared to most other pens where the draws become weaker and weaker as the pen loses power.

A quality pyrex glass chamber contains a tank with a good size capacity of 1.7ml for holding your CBD oil or more “premium” concentrates of choice.

It is important to note here that this pen is NOT FOR E-LIQUID.

E-liquid will only leak and destroy this pen.

Canna Blast Vaporizer Pen
Canna Blast Vaporizer Pen

How To Use:

  • Simply charge the pen using the USB cable supplied
  • Unscrew the mouthpiece at the top
  • Fill the tank with your oil or concentrate
  • Screw the mouthpiece back on
  • Press the button and breath in.


Something that jumps out at you is the price. When looking for a vaping pen you will see prices anywhere from £30 for a one-use disposable pen, up to £300 for a high-end pen, and thousands for bespoke elite pens.

The Canna Blast may have the price tag of a one-use disposable pen but this vape pen can be refilled up to 20 times.

Models Available

Canna Blast is available in either Manual Battery or Auto Battery format.

With the manual battery, you press a button, whereas in the auto battery you simply breathe in for it to work.

They are both much of a muchness. The device we tested was the manual battery pen which we really liked.

What is really nice about the Canna Blast is that you can choose from a range of colours. A different colour will not affect performance but allows you to choose a pen that is suited to your personality or maybe mood at the time!

Colours available include White, Black. Pink, Grey, Rainbow.

Canna Blast Vaporizer Pen
Canna Blast Vaporizer Pen


The Canna Blast is a fantastic entry level pen especially for beginners as it is very easy to use and offers great value.

It is important to remind readers again NOT to fill this with e-liquid as it will break the pen. It is ONLY for CBD oil and other highly viscous concentrates.

Another positive is that the thread on the Canna Blast is 510 and so is compatible with other prefilled 510 cartridges.

Other pens in this price range do not allow you to refill and are disposed of once the tank is empty. Not the Canna Blast.

Overall we were very impressed by this pen as the quality of vape and cloud density for a pen at this price was fantastic.

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