The Difference Between The DynaVap M And The OmniVap

The VapCap range of vaporizers sold by DynaVap covers a surprisingly wide array of features. The price spread is also vast, running all the way from the budget-friendly VapCap M to the no-expense-spared OmniVap.

These are both great vaporizers despite the gulf between their respective prices. Both models deliver some undeniable advantages, including great portability and high-quality vapour. Not sure which DynaVap product is right for you? This DynaVap M vs. OmniVap breakdown should help you make your decision.

Consistently Great Vapor Quality

Every VapCap product is focused on delivering a satisfying user experience, and that means you can expect great vapour quality from both the DynaVap M and the OmniVap – and from every model in between. The core tech that runs DynaVap vaporizers is nearly identical in every model. You may find that the Omni produces even better, more customised results because it features fully-adjustable resistance.

DynaVap M

Airflow Adjustment – Omni Only

Look to the mouthpiece to see the biggest difference between the Omni and the M. The Omni models are equipped with a twistable mouthpiece that lets you increase or decrease draw resistance. Whether you settle into a permanent preference or like to experiment, the Omni makes airflow adjustment effortlessly simple. The M has a manual hole for draw adjustment. If you want to make a semi-permanent change to the draw on a DynaVap M, we cover that in our tips and tricks guide.

Bowl Adjustment – Omni Only

The default bowl size for all of VapCap’s DynaVap models is 0.1 grams which is plenty of cannabis to have a good time. It’s ideal for single-person sessions. On the DynaVap M, the oven size is fixed at 0.1 grams. The Omni and the other models feature three-position screens. This allows you to reduce the oven size down to 0.02 grams if you desire.

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The DynaVap M features a stainless steel body. The airport is distinguished by an indented line, and there are a few ridges close to the tip. The Omni breaks down into a lot of different sub-models based on the different material and colour choices available. In the OmniVong line, for instance, you get wood bodies and fixtures which allow you to mate the vaporizer directly to a water pipe. The OmniVap line delivers a more compact design similar to the M, but the material is changed to incredibly tough titanium.

Modular Design – Omni Only

The DynaVap M is ready to use as soon as you unpack it. It can be disassembled, but only to clean or replace parts. Parts are interchangeable on the more expensive DynaVap vaporizers. It’s easy to build an OmniVap with a wood body or put an adjustable mouthpiece on a NonaVong. Many enthusiasts even go a step further by incorporating home-made or third-party custom parts in combination with a DynaVap vaporizer.


The many extra features you get from an Omni vaporizer don’t come cheap. The DynaVap M is expressly designed to be an affordable entry-level option. At $60, it’s one of our most affordable vaporizers. Its simplicity and ease of use combine with its price to make it the ideal trial VapCap.

If you opt for an Omni vaporizer, though, prices start at $160. A full titanium kit tips the scale at $190. It’s a large jump in price, but it’s matched by the huge range of additional features available with an Omni. Don’t forget, DynaVap offers some excellent middle-ground vaporizers between the two, including the NonaVong.


We think either of these are some of the best vaporizers of the year. We like the value-packed into the DynaVap M, and that makes it our choice for your very first VapCap. Experienced users will find the additional features offered in the OmniVap line to be useful or even essential, but using the M is the perfect way to gain that experience and learn which Omni would best suit your needs.


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