The Rosin Technique: A Simple, Solvent-less Extraction Method To Create Dabs

Rosin Technique Dab
Some of my Rosin Tech yield

Although some places in the UK and around the world have started moving towards implementing sensible cannabis policies, other places continue to drag their feet which can make obtaining high quality cannabis extracts (such as butane honey oil which is popular for dabbing) difficult or impossible. Fortunately, I discovered (@leiracannagars) guide on Instagram which outlines a process called the Rosin Technique, a safe and easy (albeit time consuming) way to extract some potent cannabis oil from your loose leaf without using any solvents. To perform the ‘Rosin Technique’, you’ll need the following items:

  • A hair straightening iron
  • Parchment paper (make sure you use parchment and not wax paper)!
  • Some high quality cannabis (minimum 0.3 grams)

Below is a YouTube video  demonstrating in detail how to make the oil, as well as some results.

In my experience using the Rosin Technique, I’ve been able to get some great tasting dabs out of high-quality cannabis without having to worry about messing around with butane. Typically I use between 0.3-0.5 grams of cannabis per press and keep the parchment paper containing the bud between the iron for up to five seconds on a medium heat setting. Moreover, I recommend using high quality cannabis for this guide, as better quality loose leaf will result in a stronger finished product. With a few friends helping over the course a day, the entire process can be pretty fun and you can make some pretty potent oil to enjoy together afterwards!

As someone who loves to vaporize cannabis concentrates  (especially with the VapeXNail!), I find this solventless extraction method to be quite interesting  and definitely plan on exploring how this process can be streamlined!

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