These Are The Businesses Forging The Way For CBD In The UK

Have We Reached Peak CBD?

The biggest challenge to CBD is people perceptions. CBD Village UK exists to counteract the perception that CBD is marijuana and has THC in it. It doesn’t get you ‘high’, it is totally non-intoxicating. CBD popularity has grown exponentially with a desire to find a natural solution to re-balance our lives. Along with mindfulness and meditation, CBD is riding the wave of our current fixation on self-care.

From stress balls to fidget spinners, the anxiety economy is on the rise. Aromatherapy items and various massage implements still feature but CBD as a way to combat stress or as an adjunct to medication is featuring more and more.

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We Can’t Get Enough of CBD

CBD is an antidote to our over stimulated and over stressed world, where anxiety is more prevalent than ever before. Across all demographics, consumers are reducing alcohol use and heading down to CBD town. CBD consumers report a variety of effects such as relaxation, anxiety relief, stress relief, pain relief and general wellness.

CBD is finding it’s way into your favourite beauty products, food, beer and daily coffee   – CBD is super accessible now and dare I say mainstream?


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Who Leading The CBD Trend in the UK?

Green Monkey

Green Monkey launched the UK first CBD-infused carbonated soft drink in 2018. Available online and in certain pharmacies. It tastes of mixed fruit; refreshing, tropical and containing 10mg of CBD in every can. Marketed to gym users, sporty types and those who have had a busy, stressful day to unwind and relax.

Companies which sell CBD products in the UK claim they have seen demand rocket as customers bulk buy. After the Food Standards Agency ruled CBD-infused drinks should be removed from shops as the EU re-classified the products as novel people started to panic buy.

Green Monkey Drinks CEO Serge Davies told Metro.“Demand has shot through the roof! Online orders has shot up by over 100%!  We have invested heavily in the science behind the drinks, advertising what we are all about, educating people as we go and building a team.”

Clearly there is a huge demand and it’s growing in the UK. FSA regulatory change does not affect the operational ability of Green Monkey. They continue to sell and produce. It just means food ingredients need to be evaluated and authorised before permitted on the market.

Most companies welcome this. In fact the World Health Organisation said in February of this year that “CBD is perfectly safe.” Companies are just meeting the demands of the CBD-curious consumers.

Minor Figures

Minor Figures, a plant-based coffee company are behind a CBD tincture as the perfect post-coffee supplement to “ bring back balance, relaxation and focus”. A few drops under the tongue or in your flat white and positive effects are felt in 5 – 10 minutes.

Coffee is said to increase the stress hormone cortisol but CBD counteracts that affect and chills you out. Big shout out to East London Minor Figures for getting us through the day with ease. Londoner choice for combating the Monday to Friday morning blues!

Green Times Brewing

Fancy a bevvy? A pint with a difference – jam packed with cannabinoid goodness with a punch of flavour? Green Times Brewing reckoned mixing craft beer with a dash of CBD could be a winning combination. They were right.

High Flyer is an organic Session IPA brewed in the UK with all the good stuff, hops and malts and Cannabis Sativa L extract.

Partners Thierry Florit and Carl Boon have got a lovely back story and impressive CV  – a night boozing, putting the world to right and dreams of – hey what if we could produce a craft beer with cannabis oil – wouldnt that be cool! – guess what their concept become a reality.

Super cool! High Flyer was conceived and born – the first craft beer brewed with full spectrum CBD in the UK.

Ambience Cosmetics

In the beauty sector, Eos Scientific launched Ambience Cosmetics with 6 lines of CBD-infused cosmetics. They have received national and international recognition for superior products and are taking the UK by storm.

Harvey Nichols was the first department store in the United Kingdom to stock CBD skincare adding MGC Derma 18 luxury range of CBD oil-infused products to its shelves.


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The Goldilocks Zone

There is no one-size fits all. How CBD reacts with any person depends on genetics, body build, metabolism. It is advised to start slow and try 1 to 6mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight. CBD dosage has to be just right.

Keep your standards high too, research is key.

Do You CBD?

CBD is a substance intended to quell anxiety. Whether you choose to drink, smoke, chew or use a CBD spray there are lots of options on the market. I dont think we have reached CBD saturation just yet.

I predict 2019 will be the largest year of entrance for established brands. Watch this space.

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