Top Five Celebrities Using CBD

Celebrity Influence

Whether or not we choose to admit it, many of us are influenced by what the biggest celebrity names are doing. It’s almost impossible to avoid as we are bombarded with constant sponsored content across our personal social media channels. The latest trend? Celebrities endorsing CBD.

Celebrities dipping into the CBD market is starting to gain momentum. So why is CBD the secret weapon of these A-listers? I mean if Jennifer Aniston and Tommy Chong are using, it must be good, I mean just look at them!

The stigma around CBD is slowly but surely fading, people have stopped asking ‘Will it get you high?’, (it wont) and instead are coming around to its many useful benefits. 2018 is turning out to be the year of CBD and a number of celebrities are using it to combat stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and even illness. Here are the famous CBD users getting into CBD marketplace.

Top Five Celebrities  Supporting  Legalization    

CBD Loving Celebs

1. Whoopi Goldberg

Academy Award winner and founder of her very own medical marijuana company, Whoopi is not shy of sharing her experience with CBD. Originally using the all-natural supplement as relief from stress and anxiety, the famous actor revealed that she also uses CBD to switch off from her busy schedule. Additionally, Whoopi reported relief from painful glaucoma symptoms and monthly menstrual aches when using CBD. Finding the results so effective, that she put her knowledge into a business venture to offer peace of mind and pain relief to other women of a similar age.

Dakota Johnson CBD

2. Dakota Johnson

Forget Mr Grey, Dakota Johnson is more interested in fifty shades of CBD. The stunning star admitted in a recent interview that CBD is her secret to getting some well needed rest whilst travelling. The non-psychoactive cannabinoid is said to have the ability to reduce anxiety which in turn can reduce difficulty sleeping and improve sleep quality. Johnson, in the past shared her struggle with anxiety and panic attacks, so it is no wonder she is a big fan of CBD.

3. Tommy Chong

One part of the famous comedy duo Cheech and Chong, it is no surprise that this 70s star is an advocate user of CBD. Diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2010, Chong decided to use his illness to educate himself and others on the benefits of CBD and often campaigned for cannabis law reform. Deciding to go down the route of natural medicine Chong incorporated CBD hemp oil into his diet alongside cannabis therapy and additional lifestyle changes. One year after diagnosis the illness had disappeared which the actor openly puts down to CBD. Sadly, his cancer returned in 2015 and despite taking a new aggressive approach to treatment Chong still admits using CBD for relief from negative symptoms.

4. Jennifer Aniston

49 years old and looking better than ever, we will take a double dose of whatever Jennifer Aniston is having. The former Friends actress is the latest high-profile celebrity to speak out in favour of CBD. The actress has shared that she uses the supplement to help with pain, stress, and anxiety. When married to Brad Pitt they couple were branded as stoners however the stigma soon fell by the wayside following their split. The now older, wiser and arguably better-looking Aniston is opting for the THC free version.

How Celebrities Are Influencing The CBD Market

5. Seth Rogen

Canadian actor and comedian Seth Rogen keeps it no secret that he enjoys smoking weed, but what most people dont know, is that he is also a champion for the use of medical marijuana. Rogen passion is based around the legalisation of CBD for the treatment of Alzheimer disease. The comedy genius is one of many celebrities that endorse CBD and regularly lobbies on the subject. Seth Rogen even spoke to congress challenging its leaders on existing CBD law.

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