UK Rugby Superstars Enter The CBD Industry

Swing Low CBD Chariot!

George Kruis has had a mixed couple of weeks in his rugby career, being part of an England side that bested both Ireland and France in the opening two rounds of the Six Nations, before crashing to earth last weekend in Cardiff.

Off the playing pitch, the 28-year old lock has teamed up with Saracens clubmate Dominic Day to launch a CBD product that could help pro and amateur sports persons alike recover quicker from the rigours of their game.

CBD & The Sports Industry

Kruis and Day are no strangers to the surgeon knife, 12 times between them, and fourfive cbd was inspired partly by the pair desire to share the qualities of CBD with others, so much has it helped them in terms of general wear and tear recovery.

We have played and trained through pain and injury more often than we would have liked, they state on their profile page and it clear that both attribute their ability to turn around their physical conditioning between games, in part, to the qualities of the substance.

George Kruis and CBD Oil

Reasons For Opening FourFive CBD

Kruis became acutely aware of the virtues of CBD oil after undergoing ankle surgery, when it helped him sleep better following weeks of intensive physical rehabilitation.

He told CityAM, When youre injured, you have to train five or six days a week so it’s quite intense. I wanted to improve my sleep to aid my recovery and that was one thing I saw real big benefits out of it.

CBD Approved by WADA & RFU

CBD, which is approved by the English RFU and more importantly by WADA, is found in three products under the fourfive brand – CBD oil, CBD balms and CBD capsules.

Last year England finished fifth in the Six Nations and we wouldn’t dare suggest CBD has had a part to play in the country change of fortunes this term. But Im sure it had a passing mention in the dressing room.

The company confirmed that both players have a preference for CBD in their training regime. They told EDIT UK, “Dom uses CBD daily for an ongoing knee issue and George uses CBD post matches and tough training days, also to help him sleep as that is key to recovery in sport.”

“Aside from a couple of long term injured players, Dom and George are holding off giving CBD to athletes until their new 0% THC product is released in the near future. They want people to feel 100% comfortable using their products so this has been a step they believe is key to their business.”

Dominic Day CBD

Research Into CBD Oil

Increasing research amid the rolling back of prohibition in various jurisdictions is helping cannabis-derived, non-psychoactive CBD shed its image as a taboo substance. With medical and now sporting leaders adding to that approval trend, it likely that CBD will not be contesting for a wooden spoon any time soon.

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