Update On My DaVinci Ascent Problems

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As some of my regular CBD Village readers know, the DaVinci Ascent (see my account) is hands down my favorite portable vaporizer for its portability, digital temperature gauge, the Ascent is easy to clean and all-glass vapor path (as well as cool add-ons including the water tool adapter and glass oil jar). However, I’ve had some common vape problems in the past with my Ascent batteries failing after a few months of regular usage. Once my latest Ascent failed again due to battery issues, I contacted my friend Dennis over at Organix (DaVinci) who promptly supplied me with a brand new replacement unit, as well as provided me with the following explanation for the battery issues I’ve been having

Hey James,

I spoke with the development team and they said that there was a problem with units in your batch. This problem has since been fixed with the latest models  and they’ll be sending a new unit out to you tomorrow.

After getting in contact with Dennis, I received my replacement Ascent within the next five days and it has been working great! In fact noticed that I have been getting better battery life in general, and this unit lasts longer on a single charge than the previous ones did. Personally, I feel that  DaVinci  has a great product with the Ascent, and their excellent customer service and willingness to stand behind their product  only  further reinforces that idea in my mind. I’ve received a few e-mails from readers who were suffering from the same problems as I was, and they all said that they promptly received replacements after getting in touch with DaVinci’s  customer service.

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One important thing to remember is if you live outside the USA and need to send your Ascent back to DaVinci for warranty, make sure to tell customer service to specify on the shipping label that it is a warranty return, otherwise you’ll end up having to pay customs fees on the replacement depending on your country. I will be continuing to use my Ascent on a daily basis, and I will let you guys know if I run into any more problems down the road. The Ascent is backed by a two-year limited warranty. If you enjoyed this blog, checkout more here.

-James aka “Mr.Vape”

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