Using Hemp Oil for Hair Loss: Does It Really Work?

We have all noticed a couple of hairs on our hairbrushes when we’re finished styling our hair and we often find them on our clothes. But when does hair loss become so severe that it causes the hair to become thin or for bald patches to form? And more importantly, can we potentially use hemp oil for hair loss?

We experience hair loss regularly, but as our hair grows quickly to replace the fallen hairs, we hardly notice. However, we may notice a difference when hair starts falling out faster than it can grow.

Before we delve into using hemp oil for hair loss, it might be helpful to look into the reasons for hair loss. Then, you can choose a way of using hemp oil that suits your needs.

Some of the main reasons for hair loss are:

  • Stress-induced hair loss
  • Inflammatory skin conditions affecting the scalp
  • Some medications
  • Lack of nutrients

Stress-Induced Hair Loss

One of the main reasons for hair loss is stress. When we become stressed, a hormone called cortisol is released into our system. The purpose of this hormone is to prepare the body for flight or fight. Whilst this response comes in handy when we’re in danger, it might have some downsides too.

If you are exposed to consistently high stress levels, cortisol can build up in the body. Unfortunately, this can have detrimental effects on our physical and mental health, one of which being hair loss.

Studies have shown that taking CBD may help reduce cortisol levels. Helping us to feel more at ease and relaxed. This means that you might be able to use hemp oil for hair loss if stress is the culprit.

How to Use Hemp Oil for Stress-Induced Hair Loss?

When it comes to using hemp oil for hair loss, in terms of stress-induced hair loss, it might be best to opt for a tincture or capsule form of CBD. This means that the CBD will enter the bloodstream, travelling throughout the body. Because of this, it can provide an overall sense of relaxation, helping to reduce feelings of unease and nervousness.

Hemp Oil Can Help Soothe Scalp Conditions

Another factor that contributes to hair loss is your scalp. Sometimes the scalp can become dry and itchy. This could be down to an unwanted reaction with shampoo or styling products. But it could also be related to inflammatory skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

Our scalp isn’t too different from the rest of our skin, and that means hydration is key. It is essential to help balance sebum production. If the scalp becomes dry, it can cause our sebaceous glands to kick it up a notch. With excess sebum on the scalp, pores can become clogged and it can hinder hair growth.

Equally, the scalp can become dehydrated without adequate moisture. This can cause the skin to become dry and itchy, which is uncomfortable and can also hinder hair growth. In addition, it can also trigger a flare-up if you suffer from inflammatory skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. Severe flare-ups can affect hair growth and can lead to bald patches forming on the scalp.

So, how can you use hemp oil for hair loss if this is the case for you? Studies have shown that CBD can help balance sebum production in our skin. This means that it can help to keep our scalps hydrated, reducing the risk of irritation occurring.

The same study also points out that CBD exhibits some anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it can help to soothe the scalp if it is already irritated. Using CBD for your scalp may also help to redness, swelling, and itchiness. Because hemp oil is gentle on the skin, it’s ideal for those of us who suffer from sensitive skin. It is unlikely to have any adverse effects that could trigger future flare-ups.

How to Use Hemp Oil to Soothe the Scalp?

Opting for a CBD-infused shampoo or mask could help restore moisture to the scalp whilst helping to reduce irritation and discomfort. By gently massaging the shampoo or mask into the scalp, you can help promote blood circulation. This, in turn, reduces swelling, redness, and discomfort.

Applying an infused product directly to the scalp will help deliver CBD molecules directly to the area of concern. The molecules can then interact with receptors in the area to provide concentrated effects.

By massaging the product into the scalp, you can help with absorption as well as promoting circulation. It also helps make sure hair follicles get the nutrients they need, which are transported via the bloodstream.

Keeps Hair Healthy, Minimising Breakage

When your hair becomes weak, it breaks. When this happens regularly, it can cause the hair to become thin. We all know that constantly exposing your hair to high temperatures can damage our locks. But did you know that exposure to free radicals like UV rays, pollution, and other environmental factors can also damage your hair?

These free radicals can affect the make-up of your hair, making it more prone to breakage. That’s where using hemp oil for hair loss comes in.

Studies show that CBD may have antioxidant properties. This means it may be able to reduce damage caused by free radicals, as well as protecting individual strands from future damage.

In addition, using hemp oil for hair loss can help because it is nourishing. Apart from vitamins A, C, E and our hemp oil also contain fatty acids like Omega 3, 6 and 9. All of which can help to maintain healthy hair – meaning it’s less likely to break or fall out.

How to Use Hemp Oil to Reduce Breakage

Using hemp oil for hair loss doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. You don’t have to opt for fancy shampoos and masks. You can make your own mask at home.

Simply add CBD oil to a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil. Then, massage the mixture into the scalp, combing it through to the ends of the hair. Let this sit in your hair for at least an hour, or you can leave it in overnight. Simply rinse and shampoo the following day.

To avoid weighing down the hair or overwhelming the scalp, you shouldn’t use a mask every day. Maybe opt for an infused mask once a week instead.

Can Hemp Oil Help Encourage Hair to Grow?

As we know, to help combat hair loss, we have to encourage the hair to grow. This is where using hemp oil for hair loss can also help.

Our hair is made up of protein. Therefore, it’s essential that we have enough protein in our diet so healthy hair can grow. Luckily, hemp oil is a source of protein!

One can find all 20 amino acids in hemp plants. High-quality hemp extracts will include riboflavin, niacin, and thiamine as well as vitamins B6 and B12. This is a wonderful way of helping your hair grow strong and healthy.

Whilst CBD might not give you Rapunzel-like locks overnight, it can certainly help new hair to grow strong and healthy. If you’re hoping to go down this route of using hemp oil for hair loss, you can either try integrating CBD into your routine with tinctures or edibles. Alternatively, you can apply CBD-infused products directly to your hair.

Hemp Seed Oil vs Hemp Oil for Hair Loss

When shopping for CBD-infused hair care products, you should carefully read the labels. Many brands use the terms ‘hemp oil’ and ‘hemp seed oil’ interchangeably. However, they’re not the same thing.

Hemp seed oil is made solely from hemp seeds. Whilst these seeds are packed with nutrients, they contain little to no CBD. Hemp oil, on the other hand, is made using all parts of the plant and therefore, it will contain cannabinoids, such as CBD.

Hemp seed oil can be nourishing for the hair and skin as it contains fatty acids, but it will not have the same anti-inflammatory, antioxidant or pain-relieving properties that hemp oil will have.

To avoid purchasing a product that doesn’t contain CBD, we suggest only buying from reputable suppliers. Here, at CBD Village we only stock premium quality products that have been tried and tested. You can check out our range of infused haircare products right here.

Summing Up How to Use Hemp Oil for Hair Loss?

Using hemp oil for hair loss can be beneficial in a number of ways. If you are suffering from hair loss due to stress, taking a tincture or capsule could help reduce stress levels. Similarly, opting for edible forms of CBD may also help to provide necessary nutrients for your hair. Meaning it can grow strong and healthy.

CBD-infused haircare products like masks and shampoo may also help as they deliver cannabinoids directly to the damaged hair and scalp. This can help promote scalp and hair health, as well as soothing irritation.

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