Vaping CBD Oil Versus Other Methods Of Taking CBD Oil

What Is The Best Way To Take CBD Oil?

CBD has quickly become mainstream as more and more benefits of this non-intoxicating compound come to light.

As popularity in CBD oil grows, so too has the number of CBD products available to us. Maybe you enjoy a CBD coffee or a CBD-infused edible, maybe CBD drops under the tongue is more your style or you like CBD gummies after some CBD tea.

For CBD oil to work it must enter your bloodstream. This is the same for all nutrients. There, CBD oil can travel around your body and enter the cells, tissue, and organs. There are many ways to get CBD oil into the body but not all are equal. The actual amount that gets to your bloodstream is known as bioavailability.

Best ways to take CBD oil

Vaping CBD Versus Other Methods

CBD Bioavailability

All nutrients, as well as CBD oil, vary in terms of bioavailability. For example, if you take 100mg of magnesium, only about 5mg will get into your bloodstream. The same goes for 100mg of calcium, only around 30mg will actually get to work in your body; the rest gets flushed away.

CBD oil is no different, BUT depending on the route of administration, the bioavailability of CBD can vary from as low as 6% to up to as high as 100%.

This is one of the reasons why vaping CBD e liquid is such a fantastic method of consuming CBD. Compared to say a CBD coffee or CBD edibles which can have a bioavailability of as little as 6%, vaping has been shown to be as high as 50-70% bioavailability.

The best method is the intravenous method which offers 100% bioavailability but having an IV drip of CBD directly into your veins, well, isn’t for everyone…

Pleasure In A State Of Homeostasis

A CBD-infused drinks are of course, an enjoyable way of getting CBD oil into your diet. CBD Drops under the tongue or CBD sprays, although they have good bioavailability, are not for everyone due to the sometimes strong earthy taste.

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Vaping CBD e liquid, on the other hand, can offer a highly enjoyable experience. Firstly CBD e liquid will contain either natural terpenes or flavorings which give the vape a lovely aroma and taste. Not only that but terpenes work with CBD and other cannabinoids promoting the entourage effect, thereby promoting homeostasis. Balance is restored.

It is worth pointing out that there is no nicotine in CBD e liquid, only CBD oil along with everyday ingredients such as glycol.

Expediency & Duration

When you use a CBD vape pen, CBD enters your lungs where it is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream via pulmonary absorption. Vaping CBD e liquid provides almost immediate effects but dissipates quicker than the other methods.

CBD oil taken orally will generally take the longest to kick in but will last the longest. Questions remain over the value of this given such low bioavailability.

If you are taking CBD oil for muscle inflammation it is well worth looking at CBD balms and CBD creams that can be applied to the affected area, there, it will be absorbed over a short period of time but will work directly and efficiently on the applied area.

Ease Of Use

When it comes to ease of use, clearly CBD drops under the tongue, CBD sprays, and CBD capsules are the easiest method of taking CBD oil. In saying that, vaping CBD is not exactly rocket science.

A pen vaporizer is an electronic device that, once charged, you fill with CBD e liquid, press the button and away you go. Wickless and coilless pen vaporizers are the simplest versions of vaporizers if you are considering buying CBD e liquid.

CBD Dosing

In terms of accuracy in CBD dosing, CBD capsules are the most ideal as you know exactly how much CBD you are getting. CBD tinctures use a pipette which is great for measuring your daily CBD intake.

Vaping CBD is also quite accurate as you know how much you are putting in your vape pen and how much you use per day/week.

CBD Dosage chart

Cost Of CBD Oil

The price of CBD oil varies as much as the range of products varies. A very important point to note here is that if you find CBD oil at an incredible price point, as the saying goes, if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

The initial upfront cost of a good beginner pen vaporizer starts at around £25 with some of the best pen vaporizers in the UK costing upwards of £100. After that once off purchase, CBD e-liquid costs come in at around 10p per mg. CBD oil tincture costs around 6p per mg. CBD capsules cost around 7p per mg and CBD balm costs around 8p per mg.

Again depending on the CBD brand and quantity purchased, the price will vary.


When taking CBD oil, it really is a case of different strokes for different folks and everyone will have a preferred method of consuming CBD oil.

Personally, I believe vaping CBD e-liquid to be a fantastic method of taking CBD oil, firstly because of the high bioavailability it offers. It might be slightly more expensive then other ways of taking CBD oil but this is more than offset by the sheer difference in terms of bioavailability.

Vaping CBD is also an extremely enjoyable pastime when you just need some time out for yourself, escape, and relax.

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