Vaping Concentrates On The Go With The Ascent Oil Jar

My attempt at isohash

With its monstrous vapor production and reasonable battery life, my DaVinci Ascent  is one of my favorite portable vaporizers and is my current go to vape for when I’m on the go!  Because concentrates can be very sticky (and clog up the screens of some vapes easily), one thing I like about the Ascent is that it comes with glass oil jars which enables you to vaporize concentrates hassle free.  Since I only talked about my experience vaping loose leaf in my Ascent review, I’ve decided to demonstrate how you can vape concentrates (such as hash oil) with your Ascent.  Concentrates contain much higher THC percentages in comparison to loose leaf bud, so not only will you need to bring smaller amounts of product with you (medicine if you’re a medical marijuana patient!), it should also last longer in your vape.

Some ABV

Firstly, you’ll need to acquire some concentrates (BHO, isohash, etc.) or make your own. If you’re going the DIY route, I recommend using a mixture of fresh and  already vaped bud to make isohash (which is what I did in my picture to the right!). With good bud combined with AVB (and some optional trimmings), I’ve found that I can make some pretty potent isohash which works well in the oil jar and lasts quite a long time.  I like the isohash method because it is a lot less dangerous than performing a butane hash oil extraction on your own (if you’d like to use BHO I suggest purchasing it from a dispensary)!

My Ascent with empty oil chamber inside. Ready to be loaded with some concentrates!

After making or purchasing some concentrates, the next step is to load the oil jar. The best way to do this is to cool your concentrates for a few minutes in the fridge so that they become slightly firm. This will allow you to break off chunks of concentrate without experiencing a sticky mess. Fill the jar about 1/2 of the way full, and then place it into your Ascent bowl with the open end facing upwards.  For most concentrates, I like to use vaporization higher temps, and generally start at 210C, working my way up to 220C when I deem it necessary. You may also need to turn the bowl sometimes, and you can do so by using the Ascent’s bowl cleaner built in to the top of the unit.

Be careful if you’re vaporizing concentrates for the first time, as they are stronger than loose leaf bud and can affect you more profoundly. If you’re new to concentrates, try using only a few small dabs of concentrate at first and slowly work your way up as you feel comfortable. Personally I prefer using vaporizers with concentrates as opposed to the “dabbing” method used when smoking, especially when I want to take some concentrates with me because storing a vaporizer is much less detectable (while powered off and in a pocket) than a smelly resinous pipe!. If you enjoyed this blog, checkout more here.

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